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mct 02-02-2012 08:27

Panama PTY west to Tahiti, Oz, Seth Efrica 2012
Hi all, Matt here on Mojomo in Panama looking for crew (m/f) to head west into Pacific via Galapagos, Tahiti, probably Oz then South Africa and eventually caribbean. Alliaura privilege 495, big comfy catamaran, 49 ft, loads of gear inlc generator and watermaker, and loads of safety gear even incl those new personal AIS beacons, and loads of medical gear even incl a defibrillator (no, i’ve never needed it but yer never know...)

Non-commercial trip, shared costs, i pay all boat costs like fuel and fixing and marinas - you pay share of food and the extra costs of you being on board - flites to/from the boat. We all much in, so shared cooking and so on. Of course if you’re a mega-expert cook or electronic whizz or whatever, so much the better.

It’s easier to go thru french polynesia if you’re an EU national. Otherwise you’l need evidence of health/medevac insurance and *maybe* proof (or physical cash) enough to pay for a flite out if you needed it.

You don’t need loads of experience but you do need to know you don’t much get seasick. Every boat is different so i’ll show/tell everything. Mainly, crew need to to wake me up if stuff happens. Okay, no need to make me up if the moon moves across the sky, that’s normal, and the second time i’ll say OMIGOD the moon moved it must be the end of the world!

Email me at noteasytoremember at hotmail dot com.

(Yeah, you have to be intelligent enough to work that one out. There again - i said i’d explain everything didn’t i? So ... you replace the words at and dot above with the characters @ and . and use them in your email program. Your email program probably has a little envelope icon to get it started?....just click that, yeah. Hey look, it’s okay - some people are gonna be stronger on the cooking/sailing side i spose, not the computers?...

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