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Agility 02-04-2007 07:33

I had a Globalstar setup in 2001 for 18 months and had good luck with it. I got data all the way across the North Atlantic, the Med and the Caribbean. I couldn't get service in Turkey and had problems occasionally in harbors with high mountains. My biggest issue was my USB hub which lost packets occasionally but I fixed that about a year into it.... My biggest problem was that the old Marine antenna was not really a marine antenna . It was a car antenna and rusted out in a little over a year. They stopped selling that unit in 2002.

I'm really interested in the data aspect of the conversation. It seems like:

1. Globalstar is cheapest. $.29 per minute for big plans. Also has the highest bandwidth in the low cost category. Doesn't cove the world but does the Med and Caribbean.
2. Irridium - More expensive, but not sure when you add roaming charges? World coverage but lower bandwidth.
3. Inmarsat - MiniM and other setups that get faster bandwidth and more robust world coverage. It's hard to compare because they have data plans that aren't time based but per megabyte based.

I completely depended on Nobeltech weather and therefore my Sat phone and PC to download it. I plan to do something similar next time. Does anyone have experiences with Inmarsat? Does it really cost a lot more for the service?

The fixed cost is more expensive, but my experience was that the $1 per minute could really add up quick. On Sept 11, we had a $5K bill for the month but when you really need to make a phone call, it's nice to know that you can. Figuring out the total cost of ownership requires an MBA in Finance.

Has anyone done any sophisticated spreadsheet models on prices for different Sat phone carriers Voice/Data plans.


hellosailor 02-04-2007 08:05

AFAIK there's a major concern with GlobalStar right now because of published reports that they are losing transponders on the satellites at an unexpected high rate--which means, they're going deaf and mute. I wouldn't want to foster panic but would suggest anyone looking at their service look at their reports and consider the time and expense necessary to loft replacements to ensure service coverage.

Iridium hasn't had similar problems, but than again, Iridium orginally went bankrupt and all their birds were supposed to be brought down and burned up--literally--until a bankruptcy re-organization which worked because of only two factors: Government/military contracts to supply substantial funding, and a buy-out based on something like 1/100th of a cent on the dollar of the existing system. In other words, Iridium is only in business now because the original investors took a real bath. I have no idea how sound their current financial model is.

All good points in favor of "HF, too" which may be primitive, but is a heck of a lot more robust in the larger picture.<G>

Idiens 02-04-2007 13:27

Last I heard, Iridium is run by Boeing under contract from the military, should be a safe bet.

Agility 02-04-2007 15:58

"With strong liquidity and cash position, Globalstar investment of $110 million will launch satellites to augment customer two-way satellite voice and data service through launch of second-generation constellation"

See press release.

Looks like they will solve the satellitte problem.


KC7CC 03-04-2007 10:31

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beau 03-04-2007 14:38


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