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sobound2 14-01-2012 06:00

Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
:thumb:Sail, enjoy and stay warm this winter. I will be sailing the Virgins Islands and then south through St Martin, Grenadine Nevis, St Barts and more.
If you are willing to help crew and share expenses - come have fun.
You will have your own cabin on a fully equiped 39 foot Prout Escale catamaran.
Come a month or longer. snorkel, swim, sail and see the sights.
Currently located in St Thomas. This is a private yacht and expenses are minimal. Experienced Captain.
sobound2 "at" yahoo "dot" com
Start around first week of Feb

zarkmud 14-01-2012 19:23

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Interested: contact zarnzook*at*gmail*dot*com

SCWIDQ 17-01-2012 07:13

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Interested and available starting in late Feb (after Miami Boat Show). Please contact me at scwidq*at*mac*dot*com


lucianomia 18-01-2012 09:07

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
I am interested for possibly a couple weeks in beginning of Feb. Let me know if your interested. Lucianomia*at*hotmail*at*com

Pwest487 18-01-2012 17:48

Currently in Florida but this sounds like fun I could meet you out there. Perry*at*westplace*dot*net

stxchick 18-01-2012 22:56

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Very interested! Will be back down to St. Thomas for the SOT Speech on Jan 23rd. Be happy to hang with my old roomie there till we sail. Lived on STT for a couple years - on STX for 4+.

Give me a call at my stateside number - 360-556-6854 or email - lovingadler*at*gmail*dot*com

Dockhead 19-01-2012 00:06

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
People, please do not post your email addresses in clear text. Spambots pick it right up -- and you will be on 50 billion spam distribution lists. Use *at* instead of @; *dot* instead of .

Or better yet, send each other PM's with your email addresses, instead of broadcasting to the whole world.

kiwiladysailor 26-01-2012 09:33

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Hi there,
If you are still looking for participants in your boat trip I am very interested for a month minimum.
I am presently in Grenada, and can come to where you are by your leaving date.
If you could email me directly with details and costs etc, I will be happy to fill you in about myself by reply mail. saskiag at yahoo mail dot com

BViavant 15-02-2012 03:37

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Are you still looking for any crew? I am available NOW; can PM you more info if you are interested. thank you.

please e-mail me ASAP at: brandon.viavant*at*gmail*dot*com

mat_aloha 22-02-2012 13:56

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
If u r already in water. I might b interested in future journeys. aloha! :)

biknround 25-02-2012 13:40

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Hello, my name is Jeffrey and I am not experienced in sailing. I am 33 years old, very healthy and fit. I learn quickly (especially when it is hands on). I am decently traveled and able to fit in different cultures. I will be in PA until March 18th and then I am free to sail until the end of June. j j m y l e s *at* l i v e *dot* c o m

canadian couple 27-02-2012 19:24

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
Hello there, my name is logan and I am 24. My girlfriends name is melissa> and she is 24 as well. We are currently backpacking through south america(currently in northern ecuador) and are looking for a boat that needs a crew. We are a very friendly,> fun couple from canada. Melissa is from vancouver, and i was born on the> east coast on a small island called prince edward island. We are traveling> for 4-6 months depending on our financal situation. I am an oilfield driller> and have been for 5 years. I am very handy with power tools, deisal engines,> hydraulic systems and duct tape and not shy of hard work. Melissa is a> dental receptionist who has traveled much of the world. I have owned a boat> as well for a few years in vancouver but it was not a sailboat and it> unfortunatly burnt down. But it still alowed me to get the love of the> ocean. We hope to hear from you and are willing to commit 100percent to a> crew and are willing to fly or bus to where ever nescessary. Hope to hear> from you. logan and melissa

canadian couple 27-02-2012 19:25

Re: Sail the Sunny Caribbean Islands
true_soldiers420 (at) hotmail (dot) com

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