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svfinnishline 25-12-2011 12:11

Link 2000 Error Code E-1
Just recently I have started to get an error code on the Link 2000 while connected to shore power and charging the batteries; E-1, Inverter High DC / Battery Voltage Shutdown; Battery voltage has risen above 15.5 volts.

The Link 2000 is connected to a Xantrex Freedom 25 Inverter Charger. The error code is real i.e. the battery voltage is rising to 15.5v, and then the charger shuts down.

The link is programmed for AGM batteries which should regulate to 14.3 accept, 13.3v (70 degF) voltages. If I discharge the batteries 30% and then start to recharge on shore power - it appears to regulate the battery voltages as per the charging profile, without problem. It seems as though this error occurs after the batteries have been at the float voltage for an extended period of time i.e. just leaving the shore power connected and having the charger switched on as 'default'.

Just to be clear this is happens on shore power only, while the xantrex inverter charger is active. I am not trying to equalize the batteries i.e. this mode is not active.

Any thoughts out there as to the reasons this is happening?

Many thanks, michael

xymotic 25-12-2011 13:25

Re: Link 2000 Error Code E-1
I don't have a good lead for you on the why, but I will say you need to get in there with a meter and see what's going on. 15+ volts will kill an AGM battery dead in very short order. I'd disconnect the bank til you can sort out why the Xantrex is overcharging

Eddie 22-11-2012 07:24

Re: Link 2000 Error Code E-1
I hate to revive an old thread but I am having the same problem and wonder what you found as your gremlin. I have a freedom 20 and link2000r. Last two weeks it will occasionally fail to go from acceptance to float but instead give the e1,overvoltage 15.5 error on the link and shut off the charger. It will successfully go from acceptance to float 15-20 times then fail 1=2 times in a row. I never see high voltages,all connections appear ok on charging system. Just wondered what you found.

Eddie 23-11-2012 09:34

Re: Link 2000 Error Code E-1
anyone else have a similar problem? thanks

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