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gpshephe 01-01-2012 02:05

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
it's $20-25 per foot for a slip per month.

gpshephe 01-01-2012 02:17

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
Let me add this. I haven't lived aboard in USVI. Or anywhere in the Caribbean for that matter. I always thought about doing it. I've been researching for over two years and everytime I broach my brain with the thought of going to USVI or BVI, and do research I recoil at the cost. If you're a rich man or woman, one who doesn't worry about the mundane, then yes, I would go. What a beautiful place.

IslandHopper 01-01-2012 02:56

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
Some interesting comments here....

So if you were able to flip a coin and pick between the USVI and the BVI, which would it be....??

I personally would go with the BVI....:thumb:

unbusted67 01-01-2012 08:00

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation

Originally Posted by gpshephe (Post 850002)
it's $20-25 per foot for a slip per month.

That's not THAT outrageous, that's what we pay in San Diego to liveaboard, and much more than that in Boston.

osirissail 01-01-2012 08:01

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
That $20 is obviously per foot per month as the daily rates average about $2/ft/day +/- when I was there at the begining of 2011.
- - I would agree that "trashing" someplace is more fun than pointing out the parts that are nice and/or good.
- - After coming from the other eastern Caribbean Islands where there are rich, expensive islands and poor, economical islands - the U.S. Virgins are not much different. However, coming from the backwaters of coastal USA the Virgins can appear to be quite expensive and totally targeted at liberating you from your wallet. It's all a matter of perspective.
- - For a US citizen, the Virgins are a blessing as you don't have to deal with customs import taxes and fees or mail and shipping systems that are relics of the old British colonial days.
- - If "gpshepe" actually spends a month there and talks to other cruisers there, he will find very reasonable economical ways of doing things - If he stays away from the "tourist" traps and zones.
- - Buying a boat there is going to be a lot less complicated than trying to buy one in a "foreign" country and then bringing it back into the USA. But the thing about "buying a boat" is you have to go to where the boat you really want is located and if you really "want" that boat then you will have to deal with whatever is needed to close the deal. That the boat is located in Rhode Island, Florida, D.R., USVI, St Martin, Grenada, Trinidad, etc. is really secondary to your quest for "your boat."

gpshephe 01-01-2012 19:45

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
Hahaha, I'm going to stay away from San Diego too. Although San Diego does have reasonably priced buoy's I find. The boat I'm looking at is in USVI. I will hang there for two months, one month I'm "planning" to be in a marina, one month amongst the floatsam and jetsam, then on to central America. I hear Rio Dulce is nice. Stay there, or near there through october, then through PC and up into Baja, for the winter. Do the puddle jump to the Marquesas in March. From there, not sure. Got carried away there. USVI looks beautiful, enough said.

gpshephe 01-01-2012 19:50

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
I am told by my boat broker at BVI Yacht sales that USVI is the more reasonable of the two. shopping for food, parts for the boat, etc. of course I'm a U.S. citizen. And you're a British subject:)

osirissail 02-01-2012 07:54

Re: USVI Live Aboard Situation
I have spent considerable time in the BVI's as I prefer them for sailing - but very little time ashore except for a couple of days in Road Harbor, Tortola. Shopping for food and other supplies was very much like the other eastern Caribbean Islands (except St Martin) - very limited selection of food stuffs and high prices.

- - The USVI's - St Thomas and St Croix have more recognizable USA type stores and foodstuffs (at least for a North American). There is a "Cost-u-Less", a "Home Depot," "KMarts," "Sam's Club" and other familiar names including a good "Ace Hardware." Hidden away on back streets are some extremely reasonably priced local food stores.

- - Boat parts are a bit difficult since there are only "local" boat parts stores and one "Budget Marine." But you are a day sail from Fajardo, Puerto Rico and a couple of West Marine stores.

- - And being "inside the USA" you can order boat parts stuff on the internet or by phone from the "mainland USA" and have it mailed U.S. Priority Mail to you (weight permitting) without having to hassle with import or Customs papers. For heavy items, Tropical Marine runs freighters down from Miami at very good rates, so I have gotten stuff from "Marine Warehouse, Miami" like heavy batteries and saved significant money over getting them locally.

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