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SS Little-Devil 08-12-2011 01:42

Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
I'm interested in any crew opportunities to brush up and learn a lot more in preparation for getting my own boat.

I was in the Canadian Navy but that was over 20 years ago. I was a boatswain on a destroyer called the Iroquois. I have a lot of experience on the water after the Navy, but other than the bit of naval training I had on smaller sailboats, most of my experience is with power boats.

I am however, 43, VERY fit (gym 4-5x/week), a non smoker, rarely drink, a good swimmer, diving experience, great fisherman, great cook, photographer/cinematographer with own gear, good with tools, and sailing will come back quickly. Trained in search and rescue, and many other things that might come in handy...

I'm also in the midst of shopping for a boat myself, have sold everything and am in temporary housing so when I find something I can split immediately. My plan was to buy something and sail around in coastal waters a while until I was comfortable enough to do the milk run on my own. This might be a good way to go too.

I can fly out on a moments notice. Numerous references available.

With highest regards,

Jon Charron
Dark Water Films

KStepman 08-12-2011 02:07


I am looking for a crew member to join me sailing Florida Keys/Bahamas, January 1-5, on my 2005 Hunter 36.

I have been sailing three seasons on the Chesapeake Bay, often solo. Purchased this boat one year ago. I just arrived in Charleston, SC, to pick up experienced, short term crew member, and will be jumping out this morning for my first, two day, ocean passage to St. Augustine, Fl, as a shakedown, then continue south.

I am competent, but far from being an old salt. Weigh this against your own experience, interests, and availability, and advise. Thank you.

SS Little-Devil 08-12-2011 02:27

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Hello K.

I appreciate the kind offer but if I'm going to fly down there, I'd prefer to come down and sail for a little longer than 5 days. Sounds fun though. :)


jmo2011 08-12-2011 22:54

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Hi Jon
If you are interested in a trip from Stuart Florida up to Savannah and it is open as to start and finish dates but first week of January a likely start, give me an email contact and I can give you more details on boat etc.

vmohome 08-12-2011 22:57

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Where do you live?

Bill Anderson 08-12-2011 23:31

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Call me after 12/18/2012 at 248-399-8507. Bill

jmo2011 09-12-2011 11:48

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Kamloops till Tuesday, then aboard.

KStepman 09-12-2011 22:52

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Jon, I will be sailing all Winter. My current crewmate departs T
the first week in January. I am looking for crew starting then, not for just that week.

SS Little-Devil 11-12-2011 14:39

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Sorry guys. I didn't realize the forum would not automatically send me notifications of posts. I'll respond to you all now.

I'm currently in Vancouver, Canada and am available as long as I want to be, but at some point may want to jump into my own boat and equip it for the Milk run in April.

SS Little-Devil 11-12-2011 14:44

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
jmo2011. Kamloops? So you're flying back to your boat... I have some questions for you about getting gear to your boat if you don't mind me calling or emailing you...

All: My number is 604.649.9468, and my skype name is xtravrt. Email by hitting my profile name.

KStepman 12-12-2011 08:08

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
We miscommunicated. I am looking for crew beginning the first we in January, through the winter season, to cruise the islands. The issue is that I want someone more experienced than I.

SS Little-Devil 15-12-2011 01:37

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Looks like I'm skipping the crew situation and heading to buy the boat. Thanks for the couple of offers for short trips and the inquiries. As for the others, I guess I just couldn't wait. :) Gotta get my boat in the water!

KStepman 16-12-2011 13:20

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Good sailing with your new boat.

SS Little-Devil 16-12-2011 14:47

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
Thanks Ken. Gotta buy it first, but I'm working on it. Hope to have it under my feet and be sailing on it by end of January. :)

KStepman 16-12-2011 18:13

Re: Canadian, 43, Looking to Crew
What boat are you looking Yet to buy?

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