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clockwork orange 01-12-2011 09:14

Cape Coral
Im looking at buying a home on a canal with gulf access in the Cape Coral area where i can keep a sailboat at my own dock. In looking at all the listings the things i am having trouble figuring out is where i should be looking, there are a lot of listings in the Fort Meyers area but that seems a bit far from the gulf so i was wondering if there are any members here that live in the area that could give some advice on where i should be looking, obviously the closer to the gulf the better but is the river big enough to go out for a reasonable evening sail without heading for the gulf, i think there is racing on the river,yes? Also,there seem to be fairly restrictive ordinances so im wondering if you can get away with doing work on your boat at your dock, any other insights?

SearenitySail 01-12-2011 10:08

Re: Cape Coral

Even from south Cape Coral, you probably have a minimum 1/2 hour trip to the Gulf. My mother lives on a canal in the SE quadrant, just north of the Midpoint bridge, and it takes quite a bit of time in a powerboat. It seemed like forever in her sailboat!

The Caloosahatchee River looks like a large body of water, but there are many shallow areas, so it is necessary to follow the channels. Not so important for a sailboat, but there are strictly enforced Manatee zones.

IMHO, I would choose as far south in CC as possible. I have been looking semi-seriously, but it seems the homes in that area are also among the oldest. You are correct that much of Ft. Myers and definitely North Ft. Myers will take longer to get to the Gulf.

As far as working on your boat--the home next door to my mother hired a crew to do a complete renovation on a 40'+ sports fisherman right at his dock, which took some time. Never saw that he had a problem.

I am sure there must be someone on the forum who can chime in with some suggestions.


Dockhead 01-12-2011 10:53

Re: Cape Coral
I know the area somewhat. Southwest Cape is definitely the best part, old houses or not. I don't know of anywhere in the area where you can be in the actual ocean in less than an hour or two -- don't forget that once you get out of the canals you still have to get out of the ICW and other channels. It is incredibly shallow until you get almost to the Sanibel Bridge. So it's all fine as a base for cruising that coast, but not so great for day sailing. For that kind of access, you would need to be somewhere like Ft. Myers Beach.

speciald@ocens. 01-12-2011 11:36

Re: Cape Coral
My parents had a home on Eldorado Pkwy with Direct River Access. Those last three words are important as there are a lot of canals with bridges and some that don't access the river at all. You should look in the marina area. I took a small swing keel boat to there house about 20 years ago. The canals have been dredged since then. Three roots can be a problem in some canals. I would suggest getting the agent to take you by power boat to a property you are considering. We sold that house for less than 1/3rd it appraised value - so there are bargains.

clockwork orange 01-12-2011 18:51

Re: Cape Coral
Thanks guys, i dont have any problem with an older house in need of some remodelling, there seems to be quite a few available reasonable.I have sailed a bit on the gulf coast and i think i would be looking for a shoal draft boat or maybe if need be a powerboat.

sailorchic34 01-12-2011 20:59

Re: Cape Coral
The canal in southwest Cape Coral by run runners ( not sure if its the same name now_ by the high rise condo's is the last canal before the narrows out to the bridge. I had a sailboat up that canal for a year.. One thing to watch out for on the sailboat access canals on southwest cape coral is a power line crossing the canal about 1/2 way toward cape coral parkway. Its at 50 feet ish.

A chart plotter is pretty much a requirement to avoid the skinny water.

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