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lancs 20-02-2007 16:28

looking for (custom?) plastic tank for our diesel
Our 26 yr.old stainless diesel tank has died just as we were launching (corrosion) and we are looking to replace it asap with a plastic tank.
I think it would have to be custom.
Does any one have any recommendations? - googling hasn't produced much in the way of results.
Alternatively, does any one have any good ideas for fixing the corrosion on the tank? We would do the work ourselves.

never monday 20-02-2007 16:50

check ronco plastics. They have several hundred paterns.
I'd also strongly recomend aluminum. Build time is usualy around 2 weeks and can be whatever shape you like.

knottybuoyz 20-02-2007 16:53

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These guys list practically every conceivable size/config of fuel tank available.

Welcome to

Stainless tank should be easy to repair if you know a tig welder or can weld yourself. Probably be a big job just to get the tank removed, repaired and replaced.

lancs 25-02-2007 17:23

Thanks for the suggestions. There are certainly lots out there.
Ronco has lots of tanks, but only recommend 2 for fuel.
In the end we were able to (fingers crossed) fix our tank with JB Weld - so far, so good.
Love the bladder tanks - -pricey, but great idea

DreamWeaver 25-02-2007 17:34

Best tank we've ever had came from
Dura-Weld - DURAWELD - Innovative Plastic Solutions

They made us a custom sized tank, so strong we could have parked our little Kia Rio on it, and placed the fittings just where we wanted. Very reasonable price to.

Wm & Carolina Shrewsbury

KarlosKrater 16-03-2009 23:47

I have bought and tried a fuel bladder from TurtlePac. I have found three main issues: it is hard to get legalized and they smell a lot and other colleagues said they wear down too fast whenever the smalles vibration occurs.

I expressed my concern to the owner Laszlo, who suggested I should sell it to someone else.:dork:

Weyalan 18-03-2009 13:53

We replaced the corroeded (but not yet leaking) stainless steel fuel tanks on Insatiable with new stainless tanks. The original tanks had lasted nearly 25 years, so I figured new ones, with a slightly thicker wall would be good for 30 more!

the good thing was that we managed to sneak the height of the tanks up an inch or so, giving us a little more capacity.

Talbot 18-03-2009 14:29


Originally Posted by lancs (Post 69099)
Our 26 yr.old stainless diesel tank has died just as we were launching (corrosion) and we are looking to replace it asap with a plastic tank.


trying to give you a recommend when we dont even know what country you come from is not the best way to get accurate responses!

With a talley as Lancs, I am assuming you are from UK.

I highly recommend tektanks in hampshire. They made me a custom fuel tank from a wooden mock-up. It was accurate to less than a thousandth of an inch (real measurement!)

Cheechako 18-03-2009 14:45

I just had a holding tank made, they use 3/8 plastic and for $10 each will put the fittings wherever you want them. You'll have to ask about diesel. They shipped in one week! They make tanks for Hydrochloric acid etc also. You might have to ask about diesel. Plastic-Mart

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