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shamrock 16-10-2011 05:43

In Atlantic City, Heading North
Any advice on when to head north from Atlantic city? We came from Cape May yesterday morning. West winds were perfect, but we saw 38 knots of breeze and decided to Head in the Absecon Inlet. Today was supposed to be better, but now gale watch with winds building through the day?

Any thoughts?

Tempest245 16-10-2011 06:15

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
Monday, Tuesday looks to be the best you're going to get this week. If you go out, keep in mind that you're probably going to be committed until Sandy Hook, as Barnaget and Manasquan are not easy in and outs in this weather. Set a reef or two before you leave, it's easier to shake em out.

National Weather Service Marine Forecast

Do you have the centerboard model of the 35.5? You could work your north on the inside. It's alot of piloting and keeping in the channel. What's your mast height?

Jentine 16-10-2011 06:17

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
Not this time of year. It is cold up here and only going to get worse. But if you must go, look at .

shamrock 16-10-2011 06:55

I have the keel model 35.5. Mast height 52 feet. draw 5.8 feet

Will probably wait for Monday! but would love to work north in the ICW. can I do that with 6 foot draft?

Tempest245 16-10-2011 07:06

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
Shamrock, I left a post in your other thread.

Here's the chart Chart 12316

And the Bridge info: Drawbridge Schedule, Commuter Information

shamrock 16-10-2011 07:19

Thanks Tempest!

we're going to leave tomorrow early. I just spoke to a powerboater that ran aground coming south from manasquan Right in the middle of the channel.

I appreciate the input!

Jentine 16-10-2011 07:27

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
I have been warned by locals that the only boats that can safely transit the New Jersey intracoastal waterway are dinghies. Your boat, your choice.

Tempest245 16-10-2011 08:01

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
Shamrock, did you decide to go outside?

Hard to say where the powerboat ran aground. The channel behind Bay Head is narrow and shallow. You'd definitely be challenged to not bump bottom with 6 ft. draft.

If you go outside, give barnaget inlet a wide berth..I like to stay 2 to 3 miles offshore.. in between 40 and 60 feet of water. Do not try to cut the corner around Sandy Hook..follow the shipping channel in from the outer marks, you can stay north of the channel, but I'd be wary of cutting in from the south toward the false hook channel. You can probably set waypoint for fl red 6 or 4 but I wouldn't cut the corner any closer.

shamrock 16-10-2011 15:57

Hey Tempest, Thanks for the Advice. Will do around Barnegat and Sandy hook.

We're still in ATlantic City and are looking forward to the 15-20 out of the West tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a great broad reach all the way up!

Many Thanks!!

Tempest245 16-10-2011 16:54

Re: In Atlantic City Heading North
Shamrock, Have a great, safe trip..If those west winds hold up it should be fun! Let us know how you make out.

shamrock 17-10-2011 15:26

Rounding Sandy Hook now. Perfect ride up. Thanks for the input!!

nv5l 17-10-2011 15:43


Originally Posted by shamrock
Rounding Sandy Hook now. Perfect ride up. Thanks for the input!!

Perfect timing, you can ride the tide to Atlantic highlands -- plenty of room...

Tempest245 17-10-2011 20:32

Re: In Atlantic City, Heading North
Shamrock, Wow, You made great time!

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