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ADMPRTR 30-09-2011 10:56

CF Member Demographics
I am wondering what the breakdown of members is on the Cruiser Forum and thought the following poll might be interesting:

What type of boater are you?
  1. Landlubber who likes boats or wannabe boaters
  2. Between boats or retired from boating (but still have the urge)
  3. Day boaters
  4. Weekenders and seasonal vacations
  5. Live aboards with minimal travel
  6. World travellers

Unicorn Dreams 30-09-2011 11:04

Re: CF Member Demographics
1 3/4 RTW's for me.

Wife has only Caribbean and GOM experience...

Refitting boat right now for more cruising....

skipmac 30-09-2011 11:05

Re: CF Member Demographics
Former cruiser and liveaboard getting ready to retire and do it again.

Mark1977 30-09-2011 11:06

Re: CF Member Demographics
# 4 Due to work and kids......stupid work!!! kids are good though...

James S 30-09-2011 11:11

Re: CF Member Demographics
Perhaps this question can be fashioned into a poll...I'll as a mod.

Bash 30-09-2011 11:15

Re: CF Member Demographics

Originally Posted by ADMPRTR (Post 786852)
What type of boater are you?

The options proposed are not types as much as they are stereotypes.

We have a number of professional mariners on this forum. We have people who actively charter. We have half-timers who cruise during the winter months and live on land during the summers. Sailmakers, canvas makers, people who write about the cruising lifestyle. Commercial fishermen. People who work from their boats. Liveaboards who, although they tend to stay close to home because of work commitments, nonetheless cruise a great number of miles every year. Delivery skippers. People who race offshore. People who have made extensive passages in the past but who now returned to land due to age.

None of whom fit into this poll.

I myself am opting for "none of the above."

smackdaddy 30-09-2011 11:16

Re: CF Member Demographics
7. Sailing Celebrity.

zeehag 30-09-2011 11:17

Re: CF Member Demographics
between number 5 and number 6--only have around 10k miles under my butt-- different boats for most of the miles.
my cat is a celebrity.

captain58sailin 30-09-2011 11:20

Re: CF Member Demographics
Smackdaddy,You look a lot like Mike Douglas.

hummingway 30-09-2011 11:26

Re: CF Member Demographics
I have added the poll as requested.

hummingway 30-09-2011 11:32

Re: CF Member Demographics
I chose weekends and seasonal though it's more often during the week and in any season. :)

I cruise in the Salish Sea as often as the boat is ready, when I can take the time and when the weather suits me, which may mean in the cold rain of winter but is more likely to mean in the warm sun of summer. I day sail a lot, again based on the same criteria except it doesn't have to be as warm but I'm less likely to do it in the rain.

smackdaddy 30-09-2011 11:45

Re: CF Member Demographics

Originally Posted by captain58sailin (Post 786871)
Smackdaddy,You look a lot like Mike Douglas.

Yeah. I get that a lot.

James S 30-09-2011 11:48

Re: CF Member Demographics
I'm a pretty solid 4...weekends and seasonal...although my "weekends" fall on any day of the week.

Multihull 30-09-2011 11:48

Re: CF Member Demographics
4 unfortunately

captain58sailin 30-09-2011 11:54

Re: CF Member Demographics
Wasn't having a good day when they took the picture eh?

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