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LarryNH914 26-08-2011 09:16

Best Bareboat Sailing Route Around Martinique ?

We will be chartering a bareboat sailing vessel (cat or mono) around the Martinique or St. Lucia or thereabouts (just deciding on where to start) In May next year.

What would be a good destination? We are thinking a one-way would be best, opinions? Possibly Martinique to Virgin Islands? Or the other way to Grenada?
I am thinking the prevailing winds would be OK either way.

Our group will be from Germany (Skipper), USA and Canada.

Anyone have experience with chartering around here? (charter company recommendations?)


Cheechako 26-08-2011 09:29

Re: Best Bareboat sailing route around Martinique?
id go toward grenada, spend some time in the tobago cays for sure. the virgins are ok, but loaded with boats etc. not sure martinique is my favorite spot, but i didnt spend that much time there. be prepared for winds to 35 in the gaps between the islands and light air in the lee. it'll be great where ever you go! it'll be easier and you'll see more with a one way.

LarryNH914 26-08-2011 10:50

Re: Best Bareboat Sailing Route Around Martinique ?
Thanks, Our Skipper will like the winds, he was bored in Greece, he prefers more of a challenge like the North Sea... He got very happy one day when dinner was being prepared and a nice wind came up. He remarked: "I love that noise".:)

My only preference is to visit Dominica, and my Gal would prefer anywhere there is a hot spring :) Hey, that's Dominica too!!

Tobago Cay sounds great too.

Now, where to book a charter in the general area?

bix85 27-08-2011 07:49

Re: Best Bareboat Sailing Route Around Martinique ?
I chartered from Dream Yacht Charters in Martinique this summer. They were very helpful. We stayed around Martinique, so I can't help you with your plans for a destination or path, but I recommend snorkelling in Anse Noire (SW of Fort de France).


Aluna 27-08-2011 09:22

Re: Best Bareboat Sailing Route Around Martinique ?
If you decide to go toward Grenada, you could also consider chartering from St. Vincent, there are hot springs and advanced hiking tours as well. Dominica is best for hiking, the anchorages are uncomfortable. We have been sailing since December 2010 between BVI and Grenada, most places are wonderful and worth staying for longer, depends what your preferences are. Martinique is just like being in France :) good to get your provisions. BVI´s is relaxed sailing, perfect anchorages and parties. I liked Antigua with it´s 365 beaches and Mustique, St. Barth´s best. Charter companies are so plentiful and competition keeps the standards up.

Enjoy your trip

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