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monte 28-07-2011 04:32

Wanting to Buy a Lagoon 380
Hi all,

I have a few questions (well a lot, but I'll try limit to a few for now) on buying a lagoon 380.
I intend purchasing one in Europe to sail home to Australia and beyond.

1. If I buy new, who is the best broker to deal with, or directly with Lagoon? and what kind of discount from the stock price list is the usual. The list I have seen is as below:

OWNER (3 cabins, 2 heads), 2 x 21 HP (Yanmar 3YM20 SD) 181,800.00 COMFORT PACK 23,800.00 etc

and what is a Realistic sail-away price including the 'must have' options.

2. If I buy second hand, with a boat 2005 or newer, prices range from about US$180,000 for a 2005 basic charter version S2 to US$280,000 of a 2008 fairly well equipped owner version (which I would prefer).

3. All in all I want to be happy with the boat for the 3 years or more that I own and cruise in it, and I also want to minimize the overall cost when the time comes to sell/upgrade, so I'm also taking into account resale value in 3 to 4 years time. How much will a 3 yr old boat be worth, a 6yr old and a 9 yr old. I know that's hard to guesstimate, but my aim is to not be fooled by a false economy now by buying a cheaper older boat that needs work/more maintenance or devalues quickly.

Anyone's advice or experience on any or all of these questions would be greatly appreciated. And of course if anyone has any boat recommendations or broker recommendations I'd love to hear them as well. Feel free to reply here or email me.


brainmaker 28-07-2011 10:03

Re: Wanting to Buy a Lagoon 380
Hi Monte

I just got my 380 a month ago and sailed it 1,500nm to the Balearics where I am at the moment. Sailed all my life, lived aboard two boats for seven years, knew what I wanted. Could not for love or money find a good young 380 owners version so bought new. Lagoon does not deal direct. Worked on this for a couple of years and the only one broker that sails himself, is client friendly and commercial as well is Javier Rodrigo from Wind Barcelona. It was a few weeks work to get the boat from W France to Med but well worth it - and did plan it to be in the right month of July for the weather.

Happy sailing !

monte 05-08-2011 06:02

Re: Wanting to Buy a Lagoon 380
Thanks BM
Thinking new might be the way to go. Even though I don't feel I need a new boat, the pricing for second hand doesn't seem to indicate a very significant saving all in all.

brainmaker 05-08-2011 06:14

Re: Wanting to Buy a Lagoon 380
I am in the most beautiful anchorage ... have a very new 440 next to me ... this 380 is a good good boat from so many different angles. I have had boats all my life and am fussy as hell but each time this boat and how it's built designed and set up surprises me positively. whether it's anchor system or rudder fittings I come across where nosing around the boat checking the engine water intake or oil ... it's built right. I had the same views on pricing that is why I went for new - people seem to like and hang on to 380 owners versions they rarely come up.. and price high. but don't forget new means cost as well - getting it to the med takes time etc... extras quickly add up ... and vat etc etc

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