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Robittybob1 25-07-2011 18:45

Amokura o Raukawa ?
Just the other night read the article "The Trials of the Urban Yachties" by Michael Field a New Zealand columnist in which the ketch Amokura o Raukawa is partially described.
The trials of the urban yachties – Travel – Lifestyle – New Zealand Listener
"Sailing around the Sounds on a tropical bird with no toilet.
It was a good wind, coming out of the south-east, the sea was slight and Cannibal Cove was just slipping off the port quarter.
There, a “melancholy affair” – as James Cook put it – had unfolded. His men staged a ritual trial, execution and eating of a pet dog, in the process giving Anne Salmond a title for her bestseller, The Trial of the Cannibal Dog.
We were on board the ketch Amokura o Raukawa, eating organically reared veal and drinking some of Marlborough’s finest wines.
Heading out of Queen Charlotte Sound, salt water and sun burning our faces and wind in the sails, it was almost possible to believe that we were sailors on the Endeavour, instead of four city men on a sailing holiday in the Marl-borough Sounds.
Jim, our captain, had one hand on the tiller. He held up his other hand to the morning sun, like an important instrument."

So I don't know how many have been fortunate to travel on this yacht, but if anyone has and has a photo please send me a Personal Message. Thanks.

Robittybob1 26-07-2011 13:23

Re: Amokura o Raukawa?

Hoping to get a photo sent to me by the weekend. Might even drive down to the Mana Cruising Club Marina and take a photo myself this weekend.

Robittybob1 26-07-2011 21:17

Re: Amokura o Raukawa?
Speaking to the marina custodian, it looks like a false alarm. Amokura O Raukawa is only 9.2 metres, so that is less than 30', whereas the Raukawa was 40'.
Still no pictures or photos or phone calls from the owner yet.

Robittybob1 01-08-2011 02:56

Re: Amokura o Raukawa ?
Tonight I rang the owner of the Amokura O Raukawa. He said the Raukawa had been reconfigured as a cutter. He had seen it in Wellington area in the late seventies.
He suggested I get in touch with the Secretary of the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.:)

sailorjerry123 15-09-2018 14:46

Re: Amokura o Raukawa ?
Hi, I am the caretaker of Raukawa. Built in Wellington and launched 1938.
Very happy to share her story if anyone is interested. In 2019 we will sail her back to Nz via Tasmanian woodenboat show.

sailorjerry123 15-09-2018 14:48

Re: Amokura o Raukawa ?
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Snowpetrel 15-09-2018 15:16

Re: Amokura o Raukawa ?
I look forward to seeing her at the AWBf in Hobart.

MaryT1978 10-03-2020 05:54

Re: Amokura o Raukawa ?
Hi, I just stumbled across your post.
My father Russ Turner built and designed Amokura as she was just known as back then. Some of the wood she was built from was salvaged from the Amokura wreck in the Sounds, hence the name. I was a baby when she was launched, it was probably 1979.
Dad sold Amokura around 1986, she was brought by Jim Kebble who ran an organic store in Wellington. He spent much time cruising her in the sounds and that's when your story would have been written. Around five years ago Jim contracted our family, he was keen to sell Amokura and now my husband and I have taken over ownership and working on doing her up. She is now located in French farm in Akaroa harbour. If you are keen I can try and upload some photos.
Cheers Mary

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