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marcodnn 19-07-2011 14:32

A Little Boat
Hello guys,
have u got any recommendations for a small budget sailing cruiser, single handled, but that can take u anywhere?
Many thanks

Amgine 19-07-2011 14:42

Re: a little boat
John Vigor's "Twenty Small Boats to Take You Anywhere"

nautical62 19-07-2011 15:10

Re: a little boat
I owned a Westerly 26 Centaur for a while. A few have circumnavigated, though personally, I'd want something bigger for any ocean crossing. I liked the standing headroom.

The Contessa 26 was the boat of choice for a couple young circumnavigators, but has a smaller interior than the Centaur.

Certainly the Flicka and Dana by Pacific Seacraft have an exceptional reputation as good pocket cruisers.

Cape Dory, Bristol and Norsea also offer some robust smaller cruisers. I know there are others, but that's a start.

marcodnn 19-07-2011 16:33

Re: a little boat
what do u think of the albion vega 27'?

DeepFrz 19-07-2011 16:40

Re: A Little Boat
Vancouver 27, Vancouver 32 could be good boats. Many of the 27s were fitted out by amateurs though so quality will vary.

Starbuck 19-07-2011 16:55

Re: A Little Boat
What's your definition of "small"?

s/v 'Faith' 19-07-2011 17:06

Re: A Little Boat
Throw in a vote for the Pearson Ariel.

Ours "Faith" has been quite good to us.

Active owners association.

Well made, not too pricey, great Sailor,

standing head room, Easy on the eyes. :D

Adelie 19-07-2011 19:12

Re: A Little Boat
Below are links to 2 voyagers who give a list of reccommended boats.
Both include the Albin Vega 27 you asked about.

Mahina Expedition - Offshore Cruising Instruction
Atom Voyages | Voyages Aboard the Sailboat Atom -* Good Old Boats List - choosing a* small voyaging sailboat

Here is a list of dimensions etc. for the Vega: VEGA 27 (ALBIN) sailboat on More than 6000 sailboats, sailing yachts, dinghies and sailing craft listed..

What is your budget to buy and outfit? 5K, 10K, 15K, 20k?

SabreKai 20-07-2011 10:02

Re: A Little Boat
Grampian 26.

I've heard of them cruising from Toronto down the ICW to the Carib many times. At the moment there are 7 listed in Yachtworld, mostly in Canada but some in the States. Their price is now too low to interest most brokers unless the owner is willing to cough up $2500 to the broker, regardless of the selling price. I found this out when I tried to sell mine 3 years ago.

Good little boat, very fast, good for two for long term living if you like it cozy, ok for 4 for a week or so. Come in either inboard or outboard type, and are pretty solid. I've had mine out in 40kn winds without any problems

Sorry for the pic quality, it was taken in 79. My first Grampian. I've owned two, some 15 years apart.

rtbates 20-07-2011 11:33

Re: A Little Boat
A Cape Dory 25D. It's listed in John's book. I have an 84....Trailer it to the ocean behind your pickup and then cross it!!!!

marcodnn 21-07-2011 15:45

Re: A Little Boat
Hello again guys,
what do u think of etap 22? Can it take me anywhere or it is too small?

Adelie 21-07-2011 18:54

Re: A Little Boat

Originally Posted by marcodnn (Post 734757)
Hello again guys,
what do u think of etap 22? Can it take me anywhere or it is too small?

There are 2 models of the Etap 22:

The first with a fixed fin keel, bulb at the bottom might work if you really, really wanted this badly, and it wouldn't take you to high latitudes. The interior looks big for a 22, but really small in the greater scheme of things.

The newer 'L' model would not be appropriate for offshore, it's lighter and it has a daggerboard keel.

In order to make the standard model work you would need to maximize all your storage. Weight of equipement brought aboard would need to be intensely scrutinized. Trying to trim water and provisions weight is just a recipe for disaster. Even with all the care the boat is liable to be overweight for the sail area. I would consider increasing the length of the crane at the masthead slightly and lengthening the boom to giv you more main area. This would involve making a new main which you should be able to do yourself. Yes, learn to sew, for a small boat like this you should be able to do the work on a home sewing machine.

To balance the larger main you will need more sail area foreward. Hoisting a light air drifter to the masthead might be the way to restore balance or adding a short (1-2') bowsprit might do it or both.

Even with a fair bit more sail area added the overloaded boat will probably be just barely adaquate in light winds which constitute 30-60% of sailing on the most popular offshore routes.

no-mad 21-07-2011 19:00

Re: A Little Boat
I have a tanzer 22 for sale if you look at my posts you will see it. good boat but I want a larger one for bigger water.


Adelie 21-07-2011 19:03

Re: A Little Boat
Just found out there is an 's' model that is a bit larger inside, and is unsinkable. I might take it to highis latitudes (55N or 40dS), but not really high latitudes. Which model were you looking at?

Amgine 21-07-2011 19:33

Re: A Little Boat
The reality is you can go a very long way with a tiny boat: it's more a question of your skill and motivation, as well as where you plan on sailing, than it is the size of the boat.

It would be easy to do the great loop route with an Etap 22, or a Tanzer, if you had all the time in the world to wait out poor weather, and a reasonable outboard or oars and some basic boating skills. You might find it impossible to do with a 30' boat if you have a deadline/no money/no skills.

In my opinion, worry more about being prepared to sail a boat, and sail the boat you can afford to keep/maintain.

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