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ondi 19-07-2011 14:30

Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela

I'm going to Puerto Rico in December and want to hitch hike boats to Venezuela. Comments? Feasibility? Suggestions?


MarkJ 19-07-2011 15:03

Re: Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela
You think we run free taxi services like Mom?

ondi 19-07-2011 15:14

Re: Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela
Free taxi? Sounds boring. I'm beginning to learn about sailing. It won't be my first time out of the house, or country. By the time I get to Puerto Rico, I would like to offer my service as crew. Maybe a better title would be 'Crewing from....'? Thanks

Skip20 22-07-2011 15:10

Re: Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela
You will be ramming into the winter trades all the way down. If you have the legs and kidneys for the job, talk to folks like Bertram Yachts in Miami. They deliver all types and sizes of powerboats to the Islands. It's Bang and Grab. Good luck.

osirissail 22-07-2011 21:36

Re: Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela
For the hitchhiker the ride is great, but for the individual boat owner you can get into deep "do-do" taking a "hike-hiker" from one foreign country to another. Remember the "captain/owner" is financially responsible for the hitch-hiker until they again leave the country or are officially signed off the crew list with the local immigration officials. More than a few cruisers have been "stuck" and couldn't check-out because the "hitch-hiker" took off for parts "unknown" before they were removed from the crew lists.
- - Basically these days, nobody is allowed into a country on a tourist visa (what we get as cruisers) unless there is an actual or reasonable way to leave again before your visa expires. If the "hitch-hiker" gets in trouble before you can get them removed from your crew list - you are responsible for them financially.

Skip20 23-07-2011 12:21

Re: Hitch Hiking from Puerto Rico to Venezuela
Tin-pot island governments haven't changed. I recall an island that would fine or seize a yacht for not flying their flag. The kicker was, the pols changed the flag's design at random intervals and made them so intricate it was impossible to carry the color scraps to duplicate them. Travel as an employee and let the delivery or charter people deal with that insanity. Whatever the "cost of doing business" is, the clients who charter the yachts cover it. Bottom line, independent Skippers won't be burdened with the ridiculous red tape and folks get paid to deliver boats and see the world.

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