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C.E. Grundler 18-07-2011 08:57

Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing . . .
I'm trying to track down inner and outer cutlass bearings for my 1977 32' Cheoy Lee trawler. The inner diameter is simple: 1.75". It's the outer diameter of 62 mm (2.44") that I'm having trouble locating. There are a few approaches I've considered for this situation but I'm curious how others with old and/or odd boats have dealt with non-standard sized bearing replacements.

I have photos and details of what I'm dealing with on my blog:
A tale of two bearings… | c.e.grundler

Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance!

James S 18-07-2011 12:03

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing...
I cant help with the bearing, but want to say what a most excellent blog you have....thanks.


Try these folks

if model JDUBROW doesent suit...then model JDUBUCK can be turned down.

Blue Stocking 18-07-2011 12:13

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing...
I had this same problem with my boat. I got the next size up OD bearing, and had the machine shop skim down all but the last 1/2". gives me something to grip at change time.

C.E. Grundler 18-07-2011 12:55

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing...
James, Blue Stocking,
That seems to be the direction we're headed as well, with the Duramax. I just wanted to be certain I wasn't overlooking a source that might have the right size to begin with. It seems the Duramax bearings have enough metal on the sleeve to machine down. Some other bearings I've come across start with a 1/4" sleeve, so they wouldn't be an option.

And James, glad you like the blog. It's kind of evolved over the years and it can be a bit random at times, but then, it's a pretty accurate reflection of me and whatever is going on at the time. What amuses me most is whenever I’m on the phone with some supplier or another, who, in an attempt to find answers Googles “Cheoy Lee” + whatever part we’re discussing. “Oh, hey,” they say, “there’s a web site here with someone doing just what you’re talking about, with plenty of pictures and information.”

Every time, without fail, it’s my site and my boat they’re looking at. It's handy though; at least they can see exactly what I'm trying to describe.

GordMay 18-07-2011 13:28

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing...
Have you searched Johnson-Duramax?

C.E. Grundler 18-07-2011 13:57

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing...

Yes, in fact I was speaking with someone at Johnson/Duramax earlier today and he confirmed we should be good with machining the sleeve down to the dimensions we need. It seems this will be the best approach, so it looks as though this is the way we'll be going.

While we're on the topic of cutlass bearings, how many others out there have inner bearings, and if so have you ever had to replace them? I was surprised how many times I was told there was no such thing as an inner cutlass bearing, even though I was looking at one. The boat we're restoring had severely worn-out motor mounts, and the shaft had settled out of alignment, leading to numerous issues including these bearings.

Thanks again, everyone, for the suggestions and guidance!

SabreKai 19-07-2011 23:44

Re: Need Help Locating Non-Standard Size Cutlass Bearing . . .
You could get the next diameter smaller, and then wrap it in glass cloth and epoxy to size it up. Then bed it with epoxy in the prop strut tube.


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