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sabray 22-06-2011 19:26

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Originally Posted by markpierce
You know, sometimes I wonder if you guys are even real.

(Working the mainsheet.)

(Finished furling jib)

Ahh what makes you think that

zeehag 23-06-2011 09:46

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....
so , who is real?? i am for real, but i am still a figment of your imagination until we meet in person....LOL.....

boatman61 23-06-2011 10:07

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....

Originally Posted by markpierce (Post 713876)
So, why do I see so few photographs of you all on boats?

To busy....:whistling:

zeehag 23-06-2011 10:16

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....
i show pix of my boat sailing--i donot have pix of me online, except for very few and rare ones in very special places..LOL.....something about creeps in this real world and self protection...
and what boat man sed...when solo--who is gonna take my pic--like i should do it meself?? not gonna happen..LOL

donradcliffe 23-06-2011 10:55

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....
No pictures, because I haven't figured out how to take the picture out of the camera and put it on CF.

A REAL cruiser would be using the CF burgee as a pattern and cranking out 5 more on their sewing machine--they won't last 6 months in the rigging.

zeehag 23-06-2011 11:00

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....
ofl--a REAL cruiser will save the thing and use it only when necessary. more flags flown, fewer brains shown.

boatman61 23-06-2011 11:16

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....

zeehag 23-06-2011 14:03

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....
boatman--i am correct and ye knows it...LOL...

SaucySailoress 26-06-2011 01:20

Re: My worries about 'Burgee's'....

Originally Posted by boatman61 (Post 712629)
My CF Burgee arrived today...:thumb:
CF is great fun... and the 'walking the line' on postings is nearly as addictive as seeing how high one can lift a hull before the flip...
Does this mean I'm now 'Institutionalised'....

One slight difference...

You can cross the line on a cat and flip the hulls as often as you like (more than three times, even) and keep righting it as often as you like!

However, crossing the line on CF has much more dire consequences, my 'institutionalised' friend!

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