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Fitsthebill 09-01-2014 02:32

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
Cele-in-whatever, The truth is Americans go over seas and tell the Chinese what they want made and say this is all they will pay. Chinese want job Chinese make it cheap!!! Make like American importer want… DIRT CHEAP.
If you have posted 5,247 posts lets hope they were an improvement over what you did here.
Sir, You are depressed and likely have no friends that share compassion. If you were more friendly you might find what you want and have more fun .

Celestialsailor 09-01-2014 08:04

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
Really?....That's your rebuttal? You don't like my statements, then call me a racist and after I defend myself, I am a depressed sod? I wish you the best my friend

Fitsthebill 09-01-2014 20:05

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
Even if I admit I was wrong you will only waller in the mud. So lets just say you won… At this point nothing I do would make you or I, happy.
This is an exchange of ideas and passions we can do anything we want. This is digressing.
Being a patriot bigot is not so bad but having no grasp on how you interact with people makes you a bore. You could turn it around but you are not as vigilant as some. I enjoy learning and you likely know a lot. I just don't enjoy being put in little boxes.
They say a cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Celestialsailor 09-01-2014 20:17

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
Bill...It wasn't about winning. We (or at least I) were expressing opinions. I see you've been on here for 6 months or so. As you see more threads you'll see we all express opinions here. It's not about winning anything. If I wasn't happy with doing this...I wouldn't do it. Life is too short, mate.
I even believe we spoke in person at Svendsens in Alameda since I use to have a Rawson. It's always strange to me how the Internet can change how we express ourselves.

Fitsthebill 09-01-2014 21:03

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
"If I want to save money owning a boat, I do my own glassing, my own engine work and my own electrical and plumbing. I do it because I can. I was raised in an era where people actually worked with their hands in order to make a living. Not the paper-pushers and bean counters we educate now. As manufacturing went off-shore, our ability to train young people as innovators and skilled manufacturers went with it. It really is a crying shame."
I can relate to this statement. It is a very noble. One must care about one's own country and stand by it. I am admitting my mistake. I'm more like you than -not.
I do most of my own work too. I am currently looking into having my sails made by an older woman very experienced in sail making who just lost her husband. She's from the Port Townsend area.
We do need to seek out a variety of places but if all else fails I will seek out a Chinese made. I won't brag on anything though unless it's made in America.
I am so proud of my Groco toilet. Even the metal is mined here in America.
Us Americans do take too much for granted. We have it too good. In fact we have it great. No place is perfect but America has some good points.
I am saddest that TV broke down our family unit and diminished our joy in the work place. The truth is we avoid work more than enjoy it. I'd rather work than vacation just because I love to problem solve and make things happen. It would be nice to do more of that and less of other things I just saw.
I'm sorry for misjudging you mate.

Fitsthebill 09-01-2014 21:27

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
I just read your post. My Rawson was gone through re-powered and re-rigged at Svensens 15 years ago. I know some good people there. It is so easy to think and mis-gage people on the net. My plan is to get in my boat and get some serious writing done. I feel I chose a practical and safe boat. It will be completely gone through by spring. I work on it every second I can. I ma very much in love with my wife and do a lot to keep her smiling.
Do you know Edwin from SA? He was or is down where you are.
My plan is to get to the Berkeley Marine center and then truck to the East coast to splash and head to Maine. My goals are to be spontaneous but do the canals of France. Maybe the Med. Just having a dream is enough.
I know the pain associated with transits and am under no delusions. The thousands of things that can and do so often go haywire but boats are all I know besides art. I feel confident in that I know enough about my systems but sailing is not about having it all dialed in. It's about guess's being right and in the end a good bit of luck as well. People don't spur my need to believe in god. It will be interesting to see what all alone will do for that. After all it's not about the gear, it's about where the boat takes you.
We only get moments in this life and I am hoping there are a few more out there...

Celestialsailor 09-01-2014 23:55

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
If I hear the name Erwin on the morning net, I will know who it is. I trucked my RCA. It was a painful experience. It had the original sails from Washington state where she was built. Mine was the pilothouse version. Good boat but I had tons of work to do on it.
Live life while you is an ocean but it ends at the shore (Bob Dylan)

svWindfall 22-01-2014 20:21

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
If it's made in China it's NOT coming aboard our way!!

Jim Cate 22-01-2014 21:04

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China

Originally Posted by svWindfall (Post 1447687)
If it's made in China it's NOT coming aboard our way!!

That attitude, sir, will limit you severely in your choices of many types of gear. The most obvious place is electronics, where both components and assemblies are very often products of China.

I think some intelligent selection will serve you better than blanket exclusions based solely on country of origin.


sww914 22-01-2014 21:15

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
I guess you posted on your Apple 1 then?

Mirage Gecko 22-01-2014 21:20

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
Sorry but I bet you are too late absolutely guarantee something you or your boat has came from the PRC.:)

bobconnie 22-01-2014 22:38

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
:whistling:Of course it was not the Hong Kong of today, but our junk sails and Jib were made of heavy weight dacron by a hong kong sailmaker, in 1970, and with many repairs, lasted till 1991 !! Of course the type of sails are real easy to use and don't have normal wear and stretch that marconi sails have, except for the jib which we used much less then most folks do ! so they could make good sails then, so maybe they still can ??:confused:

Fitsthebill 23-01-2014 11:28

Re: Sails and Rigging Made in China
I hear "junk sails are suppose to last far longer.
Mine may have had new sails but if so they are gone. The main I have is original to the vessel it's self.
I see thousands of Chinese here in America. If you have to immigrate here to make a living… well, where does that go? Question: are Chinese extraction considered Chinese?

I like to point out that with a beautiful girl there is no bigotry. I wonder if this is something extended to boats… In a way they are beautiful ladies too…
I admire those who think and want American but the idea of denying yourself a bargain because of nationalism is a lost cause. China will take over if the world lasts so long. I have no doubt it is what is our president's agenda. You can fight politics as I have most of my life or go sailing. You would be hard pressed to commit to both.
I have the groco model K' toilet, which is 100% made in America. I am building this boat up on a sound American hull and there are many antique parts I have saved from old wooden yachts who's time has past. Once I believed it had to be a wood hull but times change. Life is brief and there's barely time for what needs done without creating issues. I am looking into having an American make her sails but if more than twice the price I have to consider what I am doing here. I don't see this made in China thing as a quarrel. If I did I could land anywhere on it which is what freedom is about. The goal here is to save one hell of an American boat. If I have to break some eggs to make it work, so be it.
It's not my intention to hurt patriotic minded people.
It was a man of Chinese extraction taught me that out on the water we all may one day need each other's help so keep all options open.

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