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seafox 02-12-2006 00:54

Launch sunk
Quite a nice 38 foot launch called incognito sunk at Mana today. Apparently it hit rocks. The crew were rescued by coast guard. It was a beautiful sunny day here today, clear, light southerly breeze.

Alan Wheeler 02-12-2006 00:58

Dang, no excuse huh???

seafox 02-12-2006 01:06

:o whoops. Who put that rock there?

NoTies 02-12-2006 01:31

Could tell you about the 2.5 million gin palace opposite us that left here last Saturday for the sounds and didn't even make to the harbour entrance before grounding on the breakwater, sheared a rudder key, took out a prop and some hull damage. Towed off by Lady Liz
Reason:- Too many fancy systems and not enough operator experience

Kai Nui 02-12-2006 11:02

I hate when that happens:D

seafox 02-12-2006 12:03

Heard about that from the guy who told me about the yacht losing it's mast. All kept very quiet in papers though.

NoTies 02-12-2006 14:58

I can't help thinking I might be responsible for the dismasting rumour. Have heard nothing about it at the Lowry Bay YC and I think they would have heard even if it was a Port Nick boat. I left my berth at 9 last Sunday morning in atrocious weather and returned 2 hours laters sans mast so someone might have put 2 & 2 together, especially as I was silly enough to be one of only 2 boats out a couple of weekends ago in strong gale nor westers (had a very hungover nephew on board who needed some fresh air)

seafox 02-12-2006 21:53

I think it was our Marina Manager who told me. I will ask him when I see him.

NoTies 02-12-2006 22:13

Found out it was an Askew called Kama from EBYC. Good to know I ddin't start a rumour.

seafox 02-12-2006 23:22

Yeah, I heard the one about the mad bugger who was sailing around the other day in a gale without a mast. Didn't have the heart to tell you. :)

NoTies 03-12-2006 00:03

Ah well, when you have free use of a crane and truck to transport the stick you've just got to take advantage of it despite the weather. I'm doing some temp work for Best Engineering so it worked in very nicely for me. Great company.

Alan Wheeler 03-12-2006 20:38

Dang. I wonder though, how/why could you leave the helm if you were that close to rocks. And umm, why would you be in that close in waves like that.
I wondered why our ch16 went to custard yesterday for quite sometime. We couldn't hear anything, but something was transmitting enough power to trigger my set on and off. It got very annoying and I turned it off in the end.

seafox 03-12-2006 23:46

I reckon he had to say something. They were probably just too close and got carried away with a tangled fishing line and bump.....whoops. It was actually not a bad day. There were hardly any swells and it was a dying Southerly. We are pretty sheltered from the Southerly there.
I see lots of launches getting right up close to the rocks for a fish. They tend to think where there is water they can go. Yachtees are more aware of depth having a keel. The launches tend to cut the corner when coming over the Mana bar. One ripped his arse out a few years ago on a rock taking that shortcut. (It was Yachtee revenge for the times they hoon past at 20knots down the Mana channel!!)

It would not have been this incident that did anything to ch 16 on Sunday, it happened on Saturday.

Doing my floors today Alan, (the ones I didn't finish last time round). Using the Altex 421 Epoxy timber sealer today and tonight. Doing 6 coats of that with 2 1/2 hour gaps then will leave for a couple of days and do the international perfection 2 pot top coats (about 5 or so more coats).

Have you ever used the Epoxy Glue Shop products that are advertised in the Boating NZ mag Alan? They are very cheap compared to Altex and international products. Their site is I wonder what they are like?

GordMay 04-12-2006 02:16

“Pride and joy wrecked in Wgtn fishing trip” ~ By LANE NICHOLS
The Dominion Post, 04 December 2006

A "gutted" Papakowhai boatie is heartbroken after his $300,000 launch ran aground and sank during a fishing trip southwest of Pukerua Bay, Wellington...”

Story & Photo:,2106,3887334a11,00.html

As Seafox should have posted this interesting story

Alan Wheeler 04-12-2006 11:40

Yeah I have seen those advertised and thought WOW thoses are cheap. Haven't needed any just yet, still have 4ltrs of a 20 left of HT9000

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