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wristwister 29-04-2011 12:24

HELP! How to Get Rid of Gas Smell
So a few weeks ago we took the ol' tub out for a spin under fairly severe conditions. One of the gas tanks (stored under a cockpit bench) overturned on a reach and dumped a little gas out. On the C26, everything flows to the central bilge in the cabin.

I've tried everything to get the smell out. I've dumped MANY gallons of fresh water containing bilge deoderizer (which says it's supposed to take care of fuel scent) down the hull under the cockpit benches and pumped it out of the bilges. I've rinsed down EVERY nook and cranny and sprayed deoderizer everywhere. I've left the cabin wide open to air out for several days. It's better, but the smell is still there.

Got a couple overnighters coming up and I'd like to get rid of the smell altogether. Any ideas?


GordMay 29-04-2011 12:37

Re: HELP! How to get rid of gas smell
Try some liquid laundry detergent & a little hot water. Fill bilge, let stand, pump out.

SkiprJohn 29-04-2011 16:13

Re: HELP! How to get rid of gas smell
Just a suggestion but you might see if there is another gas leak? Anyway to run a fan in there for a day?
kind regards,

ozmike 29-04-2011 16:27

Re: HELP! How to get rid of gas smell
I agree with SkiprJohn, if a bit of liquid gas escaped from bottle, it must have hit the valve or a connection, the liquid instantly turns to a vapour and as it is heavier than air will fall to the lowest point, in your case the bilge, it is not like fuel it will not leave a residue that will smell, it is simply another form of air (highly flammable) air the cabin out as SkiprJohn said a fan would help, but if it still smells, then I would suggest you still have a gas leak.

wristwister 29-04-2011 16:47

Re: HELP! How to get rid of gas smell
Guess I need to clarify a bit, I'm talking about gasolene for the outboard here. One of the 2.5 gallon containers busted out of it's straps and overturned, leaking a bit out the vent. Not much, maybe a cup or so. But that cup made it's way to the bilge under the cabin. There is no "gas leak", just a little gasolene residue/smell. Like I said, I've rinsed out the whole area thoroughly with water/cleaner and pumped it out, several times, but still the smell of gasolene is in there.

Thanks for the suggestions, keep 'em coming!

Lancerbye 29-04-2011 16:49

Re: HELP! How to get rid of gas smell
Are you talking about LPG or gasoline. I am thinking gasoline but other posts indicate LPG. Some clarification may be in order. If it is gasoline I second Gords sugestion. Dish soap.

David_Old_Jersey 29-04-2011 23:51

Re: HELP! How to get rid of Gas Smell
The best thing I have found for shifting (and diluting away) Petrol / "gas" (and Diesel) is washing powder / detergent and warm water.........and cleaning (ideally scrubbing), not just flushing through. The good news is that washing powder is cheap. The bad news is that if it gets into wood grain or raw fibreglass won't come 100% out.....paint over it :p

It don't take much to smell :( - but you know that already...........

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