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Thebriansnyder 18-04-2011 13:01

Bareboat or Sail There?
I'm 25 and I have a 31' Allmand that I'd like to sail to the Bahamas. After considering my options I realized it may be a little easier and cheaper to fly to BVI and bareboat charter for 2 weeks. My concern is I've only been sailing for 4 years. I took a basic boating course online that provided a useless certification but wasn't sure if a company would allow me to charter their boat. My brother in law and wife would come with and we've been sailing the same length of time.I've spent several nights out on the water and I've spent time sailing up and down the Chesapeake Bay and plan to do a few days in the Atlantic outside of VA beach in July. I have about 100 days out on the water. Ive searched online and submitted a sailing resume to a charter company but haven't received any solid answers.

Could someone point me in the right direction. Hopefully my experience is sufficient.


saboann 18-04-2011 13:05

Re: Bareboat or sail there?
Most places, that I know of, if they do not know you, will do a "checkout" sail with you.

Rubikoop 19-04-2011 01:32

Charter companies have differing policies for required experience. At some places if your credit card clears, you're qualified. At others, your resume will be scrutinized, and if there is any question about the level of experience, a captain will be required for at least one day. More days may be required if there is a need.

Certificates are just part of the puzzle. Time on the water. Experience anchoring, maneuvering a similar sized vessel (under power and sail), picking up mooring balls etc. all play a factor.

If you've never sailed in this area a Capt for a day or two is not a bad idea to get you comfortable with the vessel and the area. Most charter companies will charge only $150-$200 for a Capt per day.

Feel free to send me a PM if you need any further info.

Enjoy your trip if you make it down this way.

GordMay 19-04-2011 04:59

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, Thebriansnyder.

saboann 19-04-2011 08:53

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
I would go for the Captain for a day or 2 in unfamiliar waters.........

Thebriansnyder 19-04-2011 09:23

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
Thanks for the help. I've been reading the forums for about 2 years before signing up and asking that question. I really love this forum and the quick and helpful responses you receive.

Lowcountry 19-04-2011 09:33

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
If you can get the time off, take your own boat to the Bahamas. A two week charter can't compare to a couple of months down-island on your own boat.

capn_billl 19-04-2011 10:13

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?

Originally Posted by Lowcountry (Post 669916)
If you can get the time off, take your own boat to the Bahamas. A two week charter can't compare to a couple of months down-island on your own boat.

Personally I would rather charter the first time. It is less heartbreaking to remove paint from someone else keel first.:whistling:

nial 19-04-2011 10:35

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
If you ask me sailing in the Chesapeake is a hell of a lot more difficult than the BVI. The Bay is full of shoals and often nasty thunder storms in Summer. The only way to get lost in the BVI is to down the bottle of rum the charter company usually provides. The charts clearly show where it's not OK to anchor. How hard is it to pick up a mooring? Particularly when you'll have someone else to help. Landing by dingy on some beaches should be approached with caution, but gee, in the Chesapeake you can get run down by a freighter.

Lowcountry 19-04-2011 11:29

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
Capn Bill, my post assumed basic navigation and boat handling skills on the part of the original poster. I'd still much prefer to be down-island on my own boat than on anyone else's.

nautical62 19-04-2011 15:18

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
Another optoin to consider is to take a live-aboard sailing course in the Caribbean. Often they don't cost more than splitting a charter with someone would cost and it may be a faster, easier way to give you the skills and comfort to either charter or cruise on your own boat in the future.

The other thing to consider is how much time you wish to spend and what kind of adventure you desire. It's hard to compare a few months on your own boat to a 2-week charter. They are very different experiences.

Thebriansnyder 19-04-2011 16:39

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
My original thought was not a trip for several months in the Caribbean. It was to take maybe 3 weeks to a month to sail down to the Bahamas. Icw down then crossing over. Leave the boat in dry dock all winter and pick it up in spring and sail the Atlantic home. This is why I mentioned cheaper and easier to just use a charter.

Lowcountry 19-04-2011 16:43

Re: Bareboat or Sail There?
I think it will take you longer than 3 weeks just to get to the Bahamas from the Chesapeake if you are doing it in the ICW.

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