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Weyalan 15-11-2006 21:08

Jeeze guys, I have enough trouble steering 1 hull... I don't think I'd be able to steer 2 and keep them parallel!

delmarrey 15-11-2006 21:26

I wish, I wish, I wish opon A star

northerncat 16-11-2006 04:58

glad some non personal fun being had

Joli 16-11-2006 05:03

Actually I like multi's and have had a good time on those I've been aboard.

Talbot 16-11-2006 09:43


Originally Posted by Joli
Actually I like multi's and have had a good time on those I've been aboard.

So why are most of your posts on this and other foras always knocking multis???

They may not be your design requirement, thats fine, lots of boats (including a number of cat designs:eek: ) dont meet my requirements, but I dont make a habit on here or other foras moaning about them.

Try posting some stuff that is interesting, or even information derived from your own experience, rather than trying to wind people up.

Tropic Cat 16-11-2006 12:01

I 2nd that emotion

Rick in Florida

Joli 16-11-2006 13:41

Actually Talbot I don't belive I've knocked multi's but it seems that when a negative aspect of a multi is mentioned on this BB the person mentioning it is slammed by some of the multi folks here. I recently asked a realistic sailing related question and recieved one thoughtful response, the rest was simply tripe or mean spirited.

So Talbot, and Rick from Florida, and any one else please explain why a discussion about multis goes to hell if a disadvantage is mentioned? Why can't you rationally discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly?

I have friends who actively race and cruise multi's. We've discussed many of these same issues over a few beers. "Steve, how the hell did you flip an R33 in 12 knots? Well it was like this...." or "Hey Paul, love your Lagoon 42, we'll race you to the islands, looser buys..." The thing is Steve isn't mad that I asked how they flipped and Paul isn't upset that we challanged him to a race (of course we hasn't taken the challange). We just sit down and shoot the **** and have a bit of fun.

Anyway, here you go Talbot: Some advantages of both :

Multis have a tremendous amount of room, they have shallow draft, they have redundent mechanicals, they float when holed or turtled. These are all wonderful atributes.

Mono's carry substantial payload, they are quick upwind, they have a soft ride, they enjoy ultimate stability. These are wonderful atributes also.

colemj 16-11-2006 14:00

(Note to self...Must not respond....) Drat.

One point about your post Joli: the R33 is a very narrow beamed racing cat that DOES flip left and right. All the time. In fact, so much so that they are actually being banned by many race organizations because of safety and convenience issues associated with the other racing boats being required to stop and assist. So one shouldn't look at that boat as representative of catamarans - either performance-wise or safety-wise.


northerncat 16-11-2006 14:48

this thread was started by me as a tongue in cheek payout on those people who are hull deficient (and to the very little extent that those who own only half a boat can try to give it back) so take your angst elsewhere

DtM 16-11-2006 17:36

Northern Cat.

Given the way this thread has deteriorated I am going to have to flag that this is meant to make you smile.

I notice that you are the owner of an half built catamaran.

Does that make you a monohull owner or a multihull owner in transit.

Trying to get back to the original spirit.


44'cruisingcat 16-11-2006 22:59

I have a half built cat too. I am am monohull owner!!!

northerncat 17-11-2006 02:46

i think that you could actually say i have a mono-maran not quite a cat yet but more than a uni hull

Kai Nui 17-11-2006 10:24

I have always had more than one boat, so it just made sense to get a multi hull so I could have 3 boats, but only have to maintain one:D

yotphix 20-11-2006 21:08

I am hereby serving notice that I would prefer to be refered to as a monoian american in all future posts.

dana-tenacity 20-11-2006 22:25

i'm building, so it's a multihull still in it's gestation period.

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