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phorvati 08-11-2006 12:31

Abacos in December
How cold are the Abacos in December? Is it worth visiting Abacos or should we just cruise on by on the way to Exumas?


Vasco 08-11-2006 13:27


It all depends on where you're starting from but I would skip the Abacos in December. Better to see em on the way back in April or May. As for cold, it all depends on the fronts, once the breeze goes back south it's ok. but if the breeze stays in a N'ly quadrant it can be a tad cool. Of course it can be a tad cool in the Exumas too, however both are better than Toronto. If you want more info on the Abacos try here. Abaco's Community Message Board - powered by vBulletin

phorvati 08-11-2006 13:37

I am not sure if we are gonna be going back home in april. My questions was geared toward snorkeling. Will it be too cold to snorkel? Will we have to treat abacos the way we've been treating the US east coast. Just as the pitstop on the way to a warmer place?

Sunspot Baby 08-11-2006 14:45

We've been in the Abacos in February and it was nice but not as warm as Exumas. Every winter is a little different. You might want to read up on effects of El Nino years in Abacos since this is supposed to be one. Could be better or worse than the average.


Vasco 08-11-2006 14:46


I always wear a wet suit, even on the warmest days, and it's a full one not a shortie.

Princewig 08-11-2006 15:22

Every one has an opinion and here is mine.. January usually is pretty cool, however December the water temp will be fine, expect a drastic drop in the air temp at night. There will be cold days and warm days, it all depends on the day.
A wet suit will come in handy if you run into currents that are cool but you must be careful that you do not dehydrate by wearing a full or partial suit in the warmer carrib seas. I use my suit twice a year.

Two sites I have enjoyed:
My little piece of advice coming from someone who spends most of his time under water is to wear tight fitting Speedos as they are the only thing I have found that keep the occasional sea lice away from areas that you do not want to get them.
PS if you do run into sea lice you simply need to get naked and rinse off every inch of your body with Vinegar being sure not to forget to rinse what you were wearing that day in vinegar as well... Well you probably knew that and have at least a gallon on board :viking:

GordMay 09-11-2006 02:17

Although the central Abacos are on the same latitude as Palm Beach, Florida (27̊45'), the winter temperatures average about 10̊ F warmer than Florida. The average relative humidity ranges from the mid 70's to low 80's (74% in April through 81% in September).
Average wind speeds range from 6.2 in September through 8.9 Kts in March.

Average Monthly Temperatures (F)

Month ~ Air Temp (Hi/Low) - Water Temp (Rainfall)

January ~ 77̊/66̊F - 70̊F (2")
February ~ 77̊/65̊ - 71̊ (1.6")
March 78̊/67̊ - 74̊ (1.4")
April ~ 81̊/69̊ - 76̊ (1.6")
May ~ 82̊/70̊ - 79̊ (4.3")
June ~ 82̊/70̊ - 80̊ (4.3")
July ~ 87̊/75̊ - 85̊ (3.8")
August ~ 88̊/76̊ - 86̊ (4.4")
September ~ 88̊/75̊ - 85̊ (6.2")
October ~ 84̊/74̊ - 82̊ (7.4")
November ~ 81̊/71̊ - 79̊ (2.6")
December ~ 79̊/67̊ - 74̊ (2.2")

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