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sfchatt 09-02-2011 07:23

Walkers Cay
I'm headed to the Abacos at the end of May for a few weeks. I want to check in at Walkers. I know the resort is closed but have been told you can still clear there. Is this true? If so where are they on the Island and is there a number or hail for them?

Lowcountry 09-02-2011 09:26

Last I heard, there was nobody at Walker's Cay. Why not just clear in at West End or Spanish Cay?

Eric M 09-02-2011 09:42

We checked in at Walkers in June 2008 which was after the hurricane which closed the resort. We hailed them on the VHF on whatever frequency was recommended in the cruising guide. We had to anchor off the harbor and take the dinghy ashore as there was no reliable dock on in the harbor. The office was in a small red building about 200' uphill from the harbor.

sfchatt 09-02-2011 10:46

If we check in the west end you pay a fee unless you take a slip in the Marina. Then I would still have to go North 50 miles to start my island hop. I'm trying to use best use of the time. Spanish Cay would work but then technically I can't go ashore anywhere in between until I clear.
Walkers is still listed on the Govt site.

AnchorageGuy 09-02-2011 12:16

Our last report was that the marina was closed, but that you could still clear customs there. If there is no Immigrations officer you will only get 30 days and then have to renew. If you go to a port that has both Customs and Immigrations, the odds are good that you will get up to 120 days, but this is not guaranteed. Chuck

sfchatt 09-02-2011 12:21

Thats what I heard also..I'll wait until we get closer..We have alternatives.

missinglink 11-02-2011 18:49

Spanish Cay
We cleared in at Spanish Cay and told customs we wanted to stay a year, she laughed and told us she could only give us 180 days. It was easy to clear in here and we had a great couple of days there, new managers who are former cruisers and very friendly.

Tingum 12-02-2011 13:14

You do not say where you are coming from. If Ft. Pierce or south you will be coming across the bank. You may clear at either West End, or Spanish Cay, both charge for coming into their nothing to do marinas. If coming from further north you could stop at Walkers, which is a mess but still has customs, or proceed down to Spanish or Green Turtle Cay. Depending on what time of day you arrive there are good channels onto the bank at Walkers, Strangers, and Manjack Cays. Don't try this in the afternoon looking into the sun!!!!

nautical62 12-02-2011 15:55

I'm fairly sure Walker's is still open for custom's and immigration, but you will pay the same fee regardless of where you check in. You are not required to pick up a slip at West End. I usually anchor for free there.

Was at the Grand Cays, and other cays up that way just a week ago. I really enjoy the northern Abacos.

clifford sloan 12-02-2011 16:13

Other than the fishing and Rosie's wifes turtle steak, why would you want to go that far out of your way? Come thru the Indian Key channel, stay overnight at Great Sale and boogie on down to Spanish Cay. Good people easy C &I and the ABacos are open to you from there on !
All the best,

sfchatt 14-02-2011 08:59

We're leavimg rom Port St. Lucie..It's a pretty straight shot to Walkers...Then Island hop all the way to Green Turtle Cay.

clifford sloan 14-02-2011 12:20

Want a better route? Go down to Lake worth Inlet sat overnight in front of the sailfishing club of palm beach and leave early in the am for Indian Cay channel. Weather window permitting of course. Once you've got through the channel your unobstructed to Great Sale or Mangrove.

sfchatt 15-02-2011 07:56

Have to look at that.. Someone else told leave out of Lake Worth.. We're trying to manage our time so we maximze our stay. We're actually leaving out of Fort Myers first day..Through Okeechobee second day.. Last time it took a good day to get to St. Lucie through the locks... My thought (weather permitting) was day 3 head to Walkers. Then island Hop.
Thanks for the suggestion. stilll have time to plan..

Lowcountry 15-02-2011 10:02

I don't know if I would recommend trying the Indain Cay cut or the Little Bahamas Bank in the darkness. Awfully shallow with a lot of coral.

sfchatt 15-02-2011 12:12

There won't be any night cruising.. We'll stay at St. Lucie and wait till morning to permitting.

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