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nigel1 08-02-2011 10:09

Securing Wind Genny Blades
Bit p*ssed off:banghead: today to find one of the blades on the D400 wind generator partially broken at its base.
The blades had been secured using a 4mm diameter loop of line, from the end of the vane and looped around one blade to prevent rotation
Makers recommend that the blades are secured from turning when it really blows up, so for this reason, I secure the blades when the boat is unattended.
The last few days have seen winds gusting 70 knots.
I cannot figure how the blade broke, unless by some fluke, something was blown into it.
Anyway, I really want to avoid a repeat of this.
Is there a better way to secure the blades from turning, or was it a case of just bad luck:confused:

rdempsey 08-02-2011 11:02

I tie off the tail on mine, which keeps it pointed in one direction.
It will spin a little bit, but never enough to cause damage.
(unless the wind just happens to come from that exact angle :banghead:)

Not sure about the d400, but most wind generators can be braked by shorting it out.
Again, it will spin slowly but should be ok. ( I intend to set this up on mine.)

nigel1 08-02-2011 11:19

The D400 does have a shorting brake, but they recommend that is only used to slow and stop the blades before manually securing, they dont recommend leaving the brake on.

bosco 08-02-2011 11:54

secure your windmill
l also have a 400, and found out that the best way to secure the blades is to put a loose shock cord from the hub to the rear of the mast.
This allows the blades to turn about one half turn, is soft and will not damage the blades.

French Yacht JORAN III:banghead:

nigel1 09-02-2011 01:55

Thanks Bosco,
was thinking the ame last night, use shock cord

barnakiel 09-02-2011 13:16

Have seen my neighbour pull a plain sack (probably an old sail bag) over his windmill. No blade movement and no sun / rain damage either, access allowing.


nigel1 15-02-2011 09:49

Thanks B., well worth giving that a go.
I advised the makers about what had happened, they sent a replacement blade FOC, without even a hint, good servic

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