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svstrider 01-02-2011 15:22

Need a non-OEM Remote Switch for Inverter / Charger
The DR series of Xantrex inverter / chargers are now discontinued. I need a remote control panel for my model DR1512E. I have searched the WWW high and low; googled until limks were coming out of my ears. :banghead:

I found one on ebay but he would not deliver outside the US. I know I could use a forwarder but don't know how. I know just google it.

The only DR remotes here in Oz sell for $300 instead of the $50 - 100 they used to sell for when available in the states. All I want to do is to be able to turn off the inverter without having to climb into the battery cupboard as
1. I now have installed a water maker and the HP pump is in the way :banghead:
2. I am too old and lazy

I don't need any other info - just on / off.

Is there any way I could plumb in (I know wrong boat system) a ON / OFF switch into the wiring to the Xantrex from the battery bank??

The latter works by plugging in a phone type communication lead (forget the technical name) into a jack on the inverter box.

The I/C was installed by a marine electrician and I remember it has a large breaker on the positive wire from the batteries ( I am away from boat working ATM).

Could I just lengthen the wire about 1 ft to bring the breaker to the outside of the battery compartment and use that as an on / off switch OR maybe better (me thinks) if that is not a good idea, just add an actual proper sized on / off switch to the positive wire AFTER the breaker and BEFORE the I/C?? If the latter fix, can any one recommend a good quality switch that I could source in Oz?

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