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Charlie 14-10-2006 16:36

Temporary Heat
Has anyone used a Mr. Buddy or Big Buddy heater to heat there boats. I've seen them sold in Chandlerey's but wonder if they are safe for use. They are rated as safe for indoor use. I am thinking of getting one but am worried about them b/c they are run on propane. A temporaty heater would resolve my heat problem while I keep the boat in the PNW. Which will be for about a year or so. The long term solution is to take the boat south. Any thoughts?

Kai Nui 14-10-2006 19:20

We have one in our VW bus. It has not given us any problems, but the longest we have run it is about 3 hours. The propane cylinders only last 3 or 4 hours at best. There is a minor odor, but overall, it works fine. I have not used it on the boat, but I think the bus is a good comparison. That was about as large an area as the heater could keep comfortable. Two would probably work for your new boat but the propane consumption might be a bit of a problem for extended use, especially cruising.

Charlie 14-10-2006 21:24

Thanks Kai:

I'm starting to look at the options. The one I like best is taking the boat to Mexico.

Kai Nui 14-10-2006 22:48

That would be my first choice for a heating system:D I think for occasional use, the Mr. Heater is a reasonable option, but since it is not vented, if the boat is tightly sealed, you will have to keep an eye the co levels despite the manufacturers claims.

ssullivan 15-10-2006 06:47

I agree with Kai Nui here. You should probably get a CO alarm to be safe.

Charlie 15-10-2006 09:56

Thanks Sean:

CO detector is on the list of things to get.

Debating though. If it takes two to heat the boat I am half way to a propane or diesel wall furnace and all the way to a solid fuel furnace. I have to decide which is the wiser way to spend the $.

S/V Elusive 15-10-2006 11:13

You'll still need the CO detector. :) I have two installed - one in the galley (same compartment as the saloon with the force 10 propane heater) and one in the aft stateroom where I sometimes use a portable propane heater. Even with the detectors, I usually leave either one of the portlights partially open, or just barely pop the overhead hatch.

Charlie 15-10-2006 11:38

Thanks Thomas:

Good suggestion.

Kai Nui 15-10-2006 19:29

Personally, I would always say go for the solid fuel heater, but that is just my opinion. Of course, there are allot of fantastic cruising grounds in the PNW. It would be ashame to head for Mexico and miss out on them just to stay warm.
Out of curiostiy, does the boat have any sort of heating system yet?

Quijote 15-10-2006 20:14

You will always need a heater. Even Mexico has winters. The sea of Cortez can be cold I have heard. Why not put a Dickerson Diesel Heater in that nice little nook behind your mast? You do have that nook, don't you? We spent about $650 all up to install one. The charlie noble exits just behind the mast and seem to cause no problems. The heat keeps the inside helm toasty and spreads around the boat pretty well. We tore out a fussy Espar system and reclaimed all the space the ducting was taking. We feed our heater with a low-pressure fuel pump, but some folks use a day tank. We were at Catalina Island last week and were very glad for the heater.
A temporary heater is not really a solution for a proper crusing boat like you have. Warmth when needed is fundamental, at least when you are my age. I've done my time with cold and wet. Warm and dry rules!
Best regards,
Richard Black
S/V Saeta
Sceptre 41

Starbuck 15-10-2006 21:01

Richard, did you make the Rendezvous? I was planning, but the rain forecast (and mountains of laundry) made me postpone my Isthmus plans.

seafox 16-10-2006 02:37

You could always just wrap up like an Eskimo

Charlie 16-10-2006 17:00

I'm wanting to simplify. Though you'd never tell from the boat I bought. The idea of going with solid fuel sounds great but stoking the fire at night and finding the fuel is not something I look favorably on.

I like the idea of putting a diesel wall furnace in. My Sceptre does not have as much room in the area you spoke of as others I have seen. I'll have to get to the boat to see exactly if it will fit. Did you do the install yourself? did you expoxy around the core and what brand did you use to make the hole in the roof for the flue? Defender has the stoves on sale so I am thinking of buying it from them. I'm thinking of going with a day tank that has a transfer pump from the main fuel tank so I can keep track of fuel consumption. Done the Baja Bash a couple of times on race boats. While I didn't like it if it got too cold all we did was bake something in the oven.

Been there done that. Getting soft. Don't want to and wife won't.

Quijote 16-10-2006 17:50

1 Attachment(s)
Hello all;
CapnJeff - no, I dodged the rendevous - as much as I like small drunken bashes, I equally dislike large drunken bashes. After all, I have already been to college. So we went to visit friends in LA until the whole thing was over and then went back. Also, I don't understand the fascination with pirates. Pirates were slime in the old days and are slime today. If you ever see me aboard a boat with a skull and crossbones, please shoot me. Wow, do I sound opinionated! Oh well... Sorry about all that laundry.

Yes we installed the heater ourselves. It took about a day. We just cut a hole in the deck and used the fittings from the manufacturer. I don't remember, but I must have sealed the core with West Epoxy. I can't imagine not doing that. The day tank has some benefits, but the low pressure pump is so easy that I just used that. The only downside is the click every few seconds as the pump pumps. They say about 1/8 gallon per hours and I think that is about right. Here is how mine came out...

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Charlie 16-10-2006 18:03

Thanks for the picture. I think I will do the same install. especially if it only takes a day.

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