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tonforty 26-01-2011 20:16


chessiewade 27-01-2011 15:01

Some thoughts.
Good luck with your plans. I lived in the St Pete marina in Florida for awhile in the late 1990s on a 28 ft boat that I paid 20K for. There were lots of happy folks there with less expensive boats. Rules on Live-aboards may have changed since then. We actually still sail the same boat, and have not put that much money into it. Used sails can be bought at sail lofts in St. Pete for a few hundred dollars. The marina there had air conditioned lounges with cable TV, books, games, and friendly neighboors so there was always a respite from the heat.

Some other things to consider others have not mentioned yet. You will likely need to pay a scuba service to clean your hull monthly of barnacles (it used to be 30$ per month in late 1990s). There are lots of good free activities in tourist towns like St. Pete, and with Marina slip you get car passes, parking and lounge keys so you have complete access to all of the activities as part of your slip rent. There can be a 3 to 5 year waiting list to get into some marinas. Before you buy a boat check out the marina waiting lists and rules. It used to be that the ST. Pete municipal marina would let you rent a slip without any wait period if you bought a boat already in the marina (best check because they might have changed the policy). Be careful of insurance before buying too. The marina may require you to have certain insurance to rent a slip, but due to hurricanes etc.. you might not be able to buy insurance on a particular boat (e.g., if it is older than 10 years etc..) Just ask around before you buy into a "Catch 22" situation.

Alaska JD 13-02-2011 16:08


Originally Posted by David_Old_Jersey (Post 602278)
Fair enough get out of your rut, maybe even move to Florida - but if you cant get sorted ashore then buying a boat (whether to sit on at the dock - or sail off into the sunset) ain't gonna provide a magical solution.

Yup - everywhere you go - there you are. The real secret is to use the suggestions of the above posts to make real change. Where you happen to be living when you make that choice is irrelevant

good luck brother - you can do it :thumb:

tonforty 01-03-2011 22:33

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ? Update
I'm very glad I opened up to the forum on my dilema. The responses were as if I were in an enormous "Mastermind Group". Can't tell you how much I appreciated that.
Just wanted to let yall know (especially the well thought out responses) that I have opted for getting passionate about making some coin again. I don't want to eat "kibbles" either. Plus...I don't want a pile sitting at the marina. I surely don't want to be afraid to go to the marina whenever I want either. Where's the freedom in that?
My kids want to get on with school ,college and all that.

My sailboat with be a nice one when it's time. (Jan 1 2014)

"Go large Go later" is the plan.

I can't wait...;)

sww914 01-03-2011 23:06

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
You're miserable. Go.

Wand 02-03-2011 03:15

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?

Originally Posted by sww914 (Post 632354)
You're miserable. Go.

Now that's positively evil :D:D

To tonforty, the oceans will still be there in 2014. Allabest.

canucksailor 05-05-2011 11:04

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
ton forty, please keep us up with what's happening, and if/when you decide to 'do it'....this has been a fascinating thread and I'd like to eventually know the outcome of it.

Hudson Force 05-05-2011 15:13

Re: Some thoughts.

Originally Posted by chessiewade (Post 606241)
.................Some other things to consider others have not mentioned yet. You will likely need to pay a scuba service to clean your hull monthly of barnacles (it used to be 30$ per month in late 1990s)...................

This may be often true, but then there are other plans. I spend most of my time in Florida with a hard bottom paint and hualing out for a bottom job once every three years. I clean (lightly scrape) the hull about twice a year. I free dive for this and mostly use a snorkel for what I can reach. Most growth is within two feet of the waterline. Your physical skills are a factor with this. We're in our fortieth year aboard and we've never hired a diver.

tonforty 06-05-2011 23:42

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
Thanks to the Forum masterminds's the update.

I decided that I really was burned out with no way of making a come back (with a positive attitude) in the insurance sufferings. Still doing it but totally exciting new strategy. I digress....

I sold the stock to get outta debt and regroup.

Moved to the lake (on it) to set up a detached office at home to never leave if I choose not. All business will be done from there.

I am now daytrading futures(doing good) and selling insurance over the phone. (making more in futures)

My family is tickled to death.

I have a line on a 22ft Oday and also a 16 foot catamaran.
I will learn to sail from my front yard!!!

We will get them kids through school and enjoy business from the lake then me and Becca will buy big and awesome!

There is no reason why that can't happen in 2014.

Thanks again for the big help through the times I wanted to just go for
it...It really was just too early.that's all there is to it on the "go now"

I went with the guys on the post that were sharing the "need more money thoughts".
There were some excellent points.

Get my son through high school. Get daughter on the job ,college ,married whatever...

We are very pleased with the decision.

No messin around..It's happenin...just not today!

Doodles 06-05-2011 23:51

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
Sounds like a great plan! :thumb: Best of luck and keep us posted on the two boats.

David_Old_Jersey 07-05-2011 04:05

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
Good plan.

atoll 07-05-2011 04:19

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
bon chance

sww914 07-05-2011 08:18

Re: Buy Big (and Cheap), Go Now ?
Sometimes change is as good as rest.

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