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atoll 22-01-2011 16:31

you guys make me want to puke.....i left south africa with nothing apart from a boat,36 ft and $2000 dollars,best decision of my life,now 25 years later have two teenage kids and a 63 ft boat sailed 2 1/2 times around the world,and still got the original $2000 dollars.

all you need is guts and determination,plan the sail, sail the plan,we used to dream about being able to work legally in the usa, land of the easy buck.

if it's not happening at home you got to go out there and make it happen.
most salesmem are born oppertunists,and you know what they say about oppertunity..............

zeehag 22-01-2011 16:39

i was working from age 16--even went to a few colleges before becoming a nursee.. but i was working at age 16. kids CAN and DO pay part or all of their own way when families are becoming destroyed by economy. there are ways to afford to live. there are ways to afford a boat.
all depends on what you reallly WANT to do.. goood luck, smooth sailing

bljones 22-01-2011 16:39


Originally Posted by atoll (Post 602732)
most salesmem are born oppertunists,and you know what they say about oppertunity..............

It's spelled with two "u"s? :)

I'm with you, atoll. If one wants to make it happen, one will find a way to make it happen.

atoll 22-01-2011 16:44

yeah i left skool at 15 ,swowwy abat th spellink

zeehag 22-01-2011 17:38


Originally Posted by atoll (Post 602745)
yeah i left skool at 15 ,swowwy abat th spellink

is all rite..i send kat to skul so h ekan typo bwtter than i kan. after skul, he goe to wurk so someone can make income hear. i mene-- they wont let the kat miss joory dootty, so he has to wurk too

i bought big, and now, 2 1/2 yrs after purchasing, i am gettin gto be able to think abou thaving a crew ND ESCAPE TO SAILING. we leave mar 1.... or thereabouts.....with size comes pricyness of repairs. is only drawback of big.

atoll 22-01-2011 17:40

dikslkeksia wools ko

kenny chaos 22-01-2011 17:55


Originally Posted by atoll (Post 602784)
dikslkeksia wools ko

Dislexics, untie!

atoll 22-01-2011 18:01

!ah !ah

zeehag 22-01-2011 18:09


boatman61 22-01-2011 18:15

Driad threft....:popcorn:

atoll 22-01-2011 18:20

tonforty has got enough stuff on his mind with out a bunch of disleksick escapees confusing him,we have all done it,some more disabled than others,but the moral is if we who can bearly reed or rite,can survive and thrive and make a livin out of the oceans is it fair or even possable for normal people to do the same?

bangkaboat 22-01-2011 19:57

Obviously, a lot of good points for & against your idea. I'd suggest that you drop the idea in front of your wife(again?) without trying to sell her on the idea & see what she thinks. The issue of whether to continue in a commissioned career or move to a more secure salary-based career should be considered separate to the issues of location changes, boating, etc., imho. Maybe, you & your wife should make a list of each of your skill sets & consider what are transferable to making a buck while living on a boat. To be brutally frank, based on your description, you don't have enough money to make the change, comfortably.

Maybe an extended vacation and change of employers would put the wind back in your sails? Regardless, best of luck in making this decision, it's a tough one!:thumb:


tonforty 23-01-2011 00:09

Yep...what a bunch of fantastic responses. Thanks.

I think I can do this...but I don't want to be rediculous either.

I have a ton of respect fer yall.

Feral Cement 23-01-2011 00:40

So tell us - what does your wife think of your idea? Somehow, I don't see the conversation going like this:

You: I hate my job.

Her: Why don't we move to Florida and live on a boat?

There's a big difference between her expressing support and concern for your happiness and her wanting to become a cruiser.

I see a lot more "I" and "me" in your posts than "we" and "she". And that's without figuring the kids into this. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

Are you writing contracts for a large enough company that you could move south and keep the benefits of extended tenure? That way, you could retain most of your income while you find and fix the boat. When you vest, pull the plug and cast off. This also keeps you from changing everything for everyone all at once.

Again, good luck!


tonforty 23-01-2011 01:04

Ok Feral...You are on fire with the big perfect questions.

Let me put some honest thought into the answer.

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