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SAMPATICO 16-01-2011 14:43

Currencies in St. Martin, St. Barts and St. Kitts
Do the countries of St.Martin, St.Barts, Nevis and St. Kitts accept US Dollars or do we need to convert to Euros before arrival?

Chuteman 16-01-2011 14:56

St Martin(French side) & St. Barts = Euro but many places will take US $ if you don't mind a variable exchange rate
St. Martin (Dutch side) - Guilders but no problem with US $
Nevis & St. Kitts = Eastern Caribbean $ but you can use US $ again if you do not mind variable exchange rate
Best bet = exchange at island Banks (usually best exchange rate)

speciald@ocens. 16-01-2011 15:08

Many eateries in Saint Martin (FR) accept dollars @1/1 exchange.

sck5 16-01-2011 15:37

just came from all three places - dollars pretty much universally accepted - I didnt have any problem at all with exchange rates, but St. Bart is expensive no matter what currency you use

97fxdwg 16-01-2011 16:07

U.S. dollars all over St Martin. Dunno about the others.

Hud3 17-01-2011 04:25

US dollars are accepted everywhere in St. Kitts & Nevis. The Eastern Caribbean dollar is pegged to the US dollar at a fixed rate of about EC$2.70 per US$1.00. Some of the touristy places will only offer EC$2.50 per USD, so it can pay to convert some US dollars to EC at a local bank. Change is almost always given in ECs if you're paying in USDs.

Zanshin 17-01-2011 06:39

I'm posting this from a cafe in St. Martin on the French side where I'd run out of Euros and paid in US$ not more than 10 minutes ago :) As mentioned earlier in this thread, many restaurants offer 1:1 so that they can compete against the cheaper pricing on the Dutch side.

The Dutch side officially uses the NAF but I've never seen anyone actually use them, the US$ is accepted.

St. Barths was euros only, but I admit that I never tried to pay in US$ and I'm sure that they take them.

boatman61 17-01-2011 06:48

I've used dollars in Antigua, St Barts, Anguilla, St Martin (both sides) Bvi's etc... its money they're after it... they'll take it...
As a matter of fact every cash machine I used paid out either in $ or euros rarely saw any local currency..

speciald@ocens. 17-01-2011 07:31

We avoid using credit cards as most have a foreign transaction fee and there have been problems recently on Antigua with numbers being stolen.

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