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Bergovoy 09-01-2011 12:53

I Got My Boat Survey Yesterday . . .
and, saw a few things that werent mentioned by the seller... kinda dissapointed but maybe they were already addressed, and i am waiting on confirmation...

There is a FINDINGS and Recommendations page, and it appears that most of thsoe items were addressed.. at least by what the seller has already told me... but, there are other comments on other pages that arent on the Findings and recommendations page.

one of those items was related to the stop cock / valves.. the surveyor noted that all of them didnt work, and indicated that they should be addressed, and then maintained / operated monthly...

also, he indicated the bottom paint was in poor condition...

there were numerous other items listed on the F & R page that werent mentioned previously, but, according to the seller, all the items there were on the report were corrected... but they only specified a couple things in our earlier communications...

I have sent them an email and asked them about the specific issues and current status of those items...

I am wondering though if i were to make an offer based upon what they tell me, but then the boat is as is, if i will be screwed, or if i need to write an agreement and that the items will be verified after i take possession and they are to be liable for those items specified in the report... not just the one page...

other then that, the boat has more stuff then what i was told... more equipment, and some type of bmiini/cover something... at least the frame work... I will look up how it was written and ask you guys to clarifiy ...



Pblais 09-01-2011 13:10

It sounds like this is a survey someone else paid for a while ago? Never buy a boat based on an old survey. Hire a new one!


I am wondering though if i were to make an offer based upon what they tell me, but then the boat is as is, if i will be screwed
That is how it works. Hire a new survey or you can take your chances. With a limited knowledge of boats it reeally could be the worst thing you ever did.

Bash 09-01-2011 13:20

is the boat still out of the water? If so, those should be easy items to address. If not....

Mimsy 09-01-2011 13:28

Typically, you make an offer THEN have a survey done. Any additional findings are room for negotiations. Either you and the seller come to an agreement or you keep shopping.

You should also keep in mind that a surveyor, no matter how good they are will miss some additional items. It happens to everyone. If you go into the purchase with this in mind, you are much less likely to be disappointed. Good luck and keep us updated.

nautical62 09-01-2011 13:32

It's very typical that used boats for sale will have some neglected items. It's also common for the owner to over estimate the condition of his boat and underestimate the things that need to be addressed. Identifying those points is one of the reasons to get a purchase survey.

Hopefully, you now have an accurate idea of what needs to be addressed so you can decide whether or not to follow through with your offer. Pointing out some of the problems to the seller that they were not aware of may or may not help you negotiate a lower price. I walked away from one boat based on problems the survey revealed that I failed to note previously myself.

Everything is up for discussion. The seller may be willing to address a problem knowing that if you walk away it will cause them problems with the next potential buyer. They may be tired of the boat, have health problem, etc. and want to sell it as is. Maybe they'll negotiate if the realize the boat is in worse condition than they thought. Maybe they think that's part of buying an old boat and that since you've invested in a survey you won't walk away.

Unfortunately you need to figure these things out for yourself. Their is no norm.

Bergovoy 09-01-2011 13:51

hello, and thanks for the info... the survey was performed at the request of an earlier potential buyer... the survey was completed in August of 2010, but a local reputable boat yard and surveyor... I have spoken with him personally and I have no doubt as to how professional he is and will be... the report is complete with legal stuff and appears to be as thorough as I am used to with geology surveys and structural surveys...

I have heard several people tell me I should repeat the survey to avoid any conflicts , but as this was done by the prior potential buyer, I am not sure why I should repeat this effort, other then to get a more recent survey report...

The interior, according to the surveyor is above average condition and was completed by and maintained by someone with skillz and care, (according to the surveyor)

the other issues seem to be consistent with what i woudl think is normal wear and tear and appropriate with the age of the boat, 1972, and according tot he seller in prior communications, everything was completed/corrected.

they have been using the boat a couple times a month at least, and are planning an upcoming race or whatever in that area in a couple weeks.

I guess, I am not too concerned about the stop cocks/valves as they can be replaced fairly easily, but did kinda hope to get away from bottom painting for a year or so, but again, this too will be considered during the final negotiation...

and yes, i did make an offer / intent to purchase, based upon receipt of the boat survey... The owner seems to have been trying to sell for at least 7 months, but doesnt seem to be in too much of a hurry to sell her... the boat seems to be priced failry, or at least close to fair from what i can tell

Cal2-29 for $7500

Things would be much easier if i leved there and could see it and or talk with the surveyor in person and mechanics to get prices on fixing/repairing things... along with if i knew wtf i was talking about...

Mimsy 09-01-2011 14:32

At $7500 I can understand why you'd opt to skip an additional survey. The cost would be a significant bit of money as compared to the sales cost. If it were a $75,000. boat I would think it would be money well spent to have it resurveyed. At 7500, not so much.

Dame.n.Jess 09-01-2011 15:41

It depends what you are doing with the boat. We paid 15k for our 28 footer. Without a survey, knowing that we would be pulling it apart and refitting it to suit our cruising plans. If the main bits you need are sound (ie hull rig sails engine etc) and the flashy stuff that some owners use to push up the price are worn out then this can be a great way to pick up a good strong little boat for very little money.

And like the others have said surveyors miss stuff (they are only human) we had a surveyor check out some parts on our boat well after we purchased it (long story) and he missed an enormous amount, like all people that work on boats some are amazingly good and others are so appallingly bad its not worth the time talking to them on the phone.

Therapy 09-01-2011 17:16

I agree with Mimsy but are you actually going to look at and touch the boat before you buy it?

Bergovoy 09-01-2011 17:24

the plan was to buy it before i got there, but as things are going, I will probably be tehre in time to take her out for sea trials...

The owners have been real nice over the phone and arent pushy... they are offering to take me around and get me familiar with her, and even help me relocate if i choose a different mooring area...

I have some personal issues to deal with here in So Cal befoer i leave then I am on my way...

boatman61 09-01-2011 17:40

Well there's nothing that negative that I can see from whats been on here... if your not worried about the stop cocks.. I'd not worry about the bottom job over much either.... paint the stop barrels with penetrating oil every once in a while then give a gentle try.. don't hit them with a hammer... a short length of steel tube big enough to take the handles good if you've the room.. extra leverage..
I figure your gonna move on board while she's afloat so leave it... let it take any bumps/scrapes as you learn your way and sort out the topsides and interior to suit you... when your happy with your ability... end of summer maybe... find a yard where you can lift out and live aboard while you do your work... sort out your seacocks and hull etc...
Come next Spring you get to launch YOUR BOAT
You said you were gonna DIY...

Prerequisite 09-01-2011 17:48


Originally Posted by Bergovoy (Post 594002)
the plan was to buy it before i got there, but as things are going, I will probably be tehre in time to take her out for sea trials...

Have you ever been on a Cal 2-29?

Bergovoy 09-01-2011 18:14

heheh, i havent been on anything with sails, other then when i was in summer camp some 40 years ago...

I am diving in head first with my hands in cuffs... I am guessing you missed the 0ther threads...

but, please go ahead and offers some info on the cal

Prerequisite 09-01-2011 18:25

I've read all your threads- and posted in several. I have zero experience on a Cal 2-29, but I'm surprised you haven't found one nearby that you could at least climb on (with permission). All boats are so different in person than they are in photos. Do you at least know if you fit in the V berth?

Bergovoy 09-01-2011 19:19

i was on a couple other boats, they were smaller, and i was very comfortable in the v berth... and each was quite comfortable... more then i expected actually...

I saw a CAL near where i am, but could not get through to the guy... unless i out and out lied to him about being interested... which i didnt/couldnt

Thre is a boat out here that appears to be in excellent shape and I could probably get her for about $3500 but, I would never be happy here as i would in warm water... I want and need to be able to swim whenever, and these so cal waters effin cold... (and dirty/dark)

I guess i could master my skillz and sail her to the right coast, but then I might as wel spend more and get the boat over there...

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