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Seahunter 10-01-2011 13:36

Okay, one more time. As per the manual: the DC- are connected through the OPC-1147 between the transceiver and the tuner. If it's not your "problem" why install a ferrite loop? To prevent a ground loop, connect the shielded ground connection are as per the picture supplied and are approved by ICOM.
Repeat, the DC- ground connection should not be connected to the RF ground. The tuner is connected already to a DC- via the black wire in the OPC-1147. The manual states: that the RF ground/counterpoise should not be connected to a DC- feed. The only connection to the wing-nut ground post should be the Counterpoise or RF ground (IE separate dyna-plate thru-hull not the DC- feed to battery).

fairbank56 10-01-2011 16:49

The DC negative feed wire, black wire in the control cable, and the coaxial shield are both connected internally directly to the PCB ground plane which has a 3" wire going to the RF ground stud. They are all connected inside the tuner. I agree that you should only connect the radio end of the control cable shield to help eliminate ground loops, but there is nothing you can do about the coax shield connection and negative DC feed connection unless you use a capacitor block. SGC does this in their tuner's. Icom and SEA do not.


goboatingnow 10-01-2011 17:04

This may not be a ground loop issue anyway. Modem use on HF is the worst case spurious noise situation you could have RF coupled noise. Try shielding the inverter. The same problems are often common in autopilots.


duncan_ellison 17-01-2011 17:46

Sorry for the delay in replying - had no internet in the remore Bahamas for a few weeks now.

John A : The tuner and the inverter are not within range of each other, but the radio itself and the inverter are in the same locker within about 18 in of each other (I thought it was a good idea at the time - doh!).

I've done a bit more fiddling and have systematically removed and replaced the grounds on the OPC cable at one end then the other, the RF ground onto the radio and tried adding a foil from the radio chassis to the AC ground on the AC panel. All about the same result, still getting the inverter turning on.

Also to eliminate this as a source of problems, I rerouted the power cables from the DC panel (was connected where the 3/0 cables come from the battery bank) to within 18 in of the batteries, actually at the 300A fuse I don't really want to make a direct connection to the battery terminals.

I also tried putting foil between the case of the inverter and the RF ground (keel bolts), but no joy.

Still no joy, I'm starting to think this is just an issue with the Xantrex inverters, but I'm still surprised no one else has seen this.


John A 17-01-2011 18:06

I don't have a level of knowledge about this subject to give any absolute answers. But I would investigate moving the two units further away from eech other. The problem appears to be one of matching radio frequencies. When the inverter is in use, radio waves are generated that activate the radio.

Hopefully, ssomeone with more knowledge could explain this more clearly.

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