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Wmiii 05-12-2010 18:43

Link 2000 Replacement ?
I have had a Link 2000 and Freedom 2000 inverter/charger for several years and have been pleased with the set-up. About a year ago, my link started acting up with lights not working and erratic readings. I contacted Xantrex support and bought another for a couple of hundred dollars, if I remember correctly. Well now the replacement is acting up and Xantrex has stopped making the Link 2000. My option is to get another link basic model that replaces the link 2000 for $380.

What other options do I have that will monitor 2 battery banks and allow remote control of my Freedom 2000 inverter/charger?

Thanks for any ideas.

Wm Mayberry
IP 37-30

Vasco 05-12-2010 19:11

I have a Link 2000. It crapped out after 3 years. They said they'd send me a replacement for $200. They no longer make them but have a bunch that they'll sell you when yours craps out. I said no thanks. It's a piece of crap. I'm getting a Victron BMV 600. I'll keep the rotten link as it still works to switch the charger and inverter on. It's a very expensive volt meter. Get a Victron and use the Link as a switch to turn things on.

Wmiii 06-12-2010 05:30

What are people using instead of the Link and Freedom set-up now?
It's pretty aggrivating that there is no support for these and no suitable option.

SV Demeter 06-12-2010 09:17

Im interested to hear this as well. I have a 2000R model that works okay but will not tell the fredom 25 to equalize, see separte thread. I would like to replace the monitor but then what do I use to control the Inverter/Charger. All other features on mine still work fine, is jsut the equalize feature, and I really dont feel like cutting more holes in my boat for mounting.

PamlicoTraveler 06-12-2010 10:24

I knew they discontinued the "R" version (regulator), but thought they still made the 2000.

SV Demeter 06-12-2010 10:26

Link Lite or Link Pro I believe are the current options but they do not offer inverter/charger controls for the freedom. Looks to me like one would need to replace the link 2000 with a Link Lite monitor, and then purchase:

to control the freedom 25. If in fact the basic remote panle will control an older freedom inverter/chrage. It is what xantrex sells now to control their Freedom 458 which appears to me to be the same thing.

Sheriff 06-12-2010 13:18

Master Volt products hold out good

Wmiii 07-12-2010 05:54

The Link Basic mentioned above looks like what I found before. $136 is much better that $380 From Tekris Power.
Is it the same????

Vasco 07-12-2010 06:00


Originally Posted by PamlicoTraveler (Post 572671)
I knew they discontinued the "R" version (regulator), but thought they still made the 2000.

No Zantrex no longer makes or sells the 2000 and support is minimal.

SV Demeter 07-12-2010 10:36

"The Link Basic mentioned above looks like what I found before. $136 is much better that $380 From Tekris Power.
Is it the same????"

No it is not the same. The $136 panel is simply a controller for the Freedom inverter/charger. The current monitor options from Xantrex are the Link Lite for about $240 or the Link Pro for a buit more.

RainDog 07-12-2010 11:52

What about this one?

Xantrex Battery Monitor XBM

It is $160 right now at my local West Marine.

SV Demeter 07-12-2010 12:33

XBM has been discontinued by xantrex. See:

Battery Chargers | LinkPRO Battery Monitor | Xantrex

Note: The LinkPRO Battery Monitor is the direct replacement of XBM Battery Monitor with expanded features. "

That does not mean getting the XBM is a bad idea just no longer being made.

And to top it all off last night I was working on the boat until late and noticed my Link 2000R reading all sorts of crazy amp numbers. Positive figures when the AC power was off and wildly fluctuating readings when nothing was changed. Looks like I will be in the market for a new monitor myself. Shame because I really liked the idea of a monitor and inverter/charger controller in one ...

Wmiii 07-12-2010 14:25

Interesting, I Googled 'Freedom Basic Remote control Panel' and found these Xantrex panels anywhere from $115 up.
Looks like this would give me the remote for the Charger/Inverter and give me some battery information. Not nearly as complete as the Link 2000, but maybe doable and I won't have a big rectangular hole on my panel.

SV Demeter 07-12-2010 14:37

Thats what I am probably going to do. The new link lite or link pro monitors will not control the inverter/charger, but the Freedom Basic control panel does and is the same size as a Link 2000 panel. Trouble is you would still want a battery monitor that tracks amps and amp hours used so I will probably end up buying both the link lite and the Freedom basic, also looking at the Victron unit others here have accoladed.

My problem is that I cant get my freedom inverter/charger to equalize my batteries and I have not yet determined if the problem is with the charger or the link. I suspect the link as it is doing some odd stuff but it seems to go into equalization mode only nothing happens from the charger. Voltage stays around 13.95. I emailed the supposed Xantrex authorised dealer in Maryland but have not yet recieved a response. Will try calling. Im reluctant to spend the $140 on the basic panel if it turns out the inverter/charger is screwed.

briblack 22-09-2016 08:00

Re: Link 2000 Replacement ?
same problem here. I had a 'basic controller', and swapped it in. it's switching the inverter and charger on OK again, and reading voltage. I'm reluctant to pay much money to keep this old system running, much as I like the dual-bank monitoring. I've read (Practical Sailor) that the Magnum Energy MS2012 inverter/charger, and the ARC-50 controller, is almost a direct replacement. even fits the cutout in the panel. I may find out. it's also true sine wave, and works on 60 or 50 hz power as a charger

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