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rleslie 15-09-2006 05:33

Gov. Bush signs law
Gov. Bush signs law prohibiting municipalities from restricting anchoraging except in mooring fields.

Go to this link for a copy of the law.

Section 3 subsection of 327.60 #2
"however, local goveernmental authorities are prohibited from regulating the anchoring outside of such mooring fields of non-live-aboard vessels in navigation.

The law also will help local governments in the removal of derelict boats. IMHO this is a big plus for legitimate cruisers!!

The question now is, how will they define "vessels in navigation"?

Vasco 15-09-2006 05:47

It doesn't look as if the new wording will alter the situation in FL regarding anchoring. It might stop marina operators from exercising provisions that allow operators to empty their marinas when storm warnings are posted.

Tropic Cat 15-09-2006 09:30

totally misleading link
You Know, that link to the synopsis of 7175 is amazing and in my opinion, totally misleading. I've posted most of this post in another thread but I will repeat some of it here.

If I just read that link, I'd say that the bill is a good one. However, if you actually read the bill, it's primary function was to throw all of us boaters out of marinas when there is an approaching hurricane, and parts of it were written by insurance companies, not ours... the marinas'. It was determined that our boats were detrimental to a marina during a hurricane. At this point, the state of Florida has made it illegal to protect your boat in a hurricane. To illustrate this point, the day after this bill was passed, the Port Canaveral port authority informed all properties within the port area that all vessels would be evicted at the sign of an approaching hurricane.

rleslie, What you wrote, is certainly true, unfortunately the rest of the bill hoses us. I've had many, many discussions with state legislators trying to modify this bill early this year. Boat US had a major lobbying effort and were just as effective as they were when they lobbied the City of Miami last year when Miami put a limit on anchoring.

It used to be "any port in a storm". In Florida it's "Not in my marina"

Nice job Jeb Bush

Rick in Florida

gharr8 30-10-2006 19:54

Hello Readers..

I am a South Florida resident, WPB. I am thinking of living aboard in the intercoastal. My question is this..Why are there areas with boats moored or anchored and other areas, where I've been told that the local gov's wont let you stay??? There seems to be some confusion about this. Too me, at least.

Any information would be great. Thanks...GH

Intentional Drifter 30-10-2006 19:59

Yet another reason to head out of this country. I tell ya, it sickens me.


delmarrey 31-10-2006 12:27

bump up :D

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