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Therapy 23-11-2010 18:23

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Originally Posted by Don Lucas (Post 564713)
so this guy sails into the harbor and :p (all happy after another safe passage)

a fun thread read, specially the posts where people post that others must have too much time on their hands to have posted on the thread

Did you do that on purpose?

:p if you mouse over it, it tells you what it is - stick out tongue.

So he happily sticks his tongue to the sea for making it?

Therapy 23-11-2010 18:25


Originally Posted by CharlieCobra (Post 564932)
The only time emoticons bug me is when someone uses the wrong one in the initial post of a thread, like the thumbs down when they are asking a simple question and not ranting or the rolleyes when posting about something cool. Some folks have no clue what the emoticons even mean... Regardless, I think they should stay, even if I rarely use them. They work real well in indicating sarcasm and preventing fights for the simple reason, ya can't read what someone is REALLY saying up here. No body language to read or smirk/smile to see.

That is because there are not enough of them.

We need more to cover more emotions.

And some don't know.

If you don't know here is how. Hold your mouse pointer over it. It will tell you.

Mimsy 23-11-2010 18:42

I do think it is tremendous that emoticons and the discussion of them has generated 9 pages of responses in less than 24 hours. Fantastic! :D

Khagan1227 23-11-2010 19:31


Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 564738)
Would that I could.


It should be noted that I (Gord) am & have not been a Moderator for some considerable time.

What Highheels said: "I completely see where GordMay is coming from. I kind of think of Gord as a Demi-God of Cruisers Forum. He has contributed for a long time, and his posts are always informative, pertinent, accurate, helpful, and productive. So I think if he says the Emoticons go, then they should perish."

I think that is at least one step up from a moderator. :thumb: (meant the best possible way)

imagine2frolic 23-11-2010 19:49

Just how sterile do you want this place:confused:? You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time:banghead:. Gord you are a recoverying cruiser, and for now a CLOD. You really need to admit that at one time you yourself had a wee bit of an evil tongue:devil:. I left before I could be bannned, but I was banned, and it was because of you;). Yes, the reason given was political, but the truth be known it was because of you:D:D.

Yes, CF has been known to delete posts that doesn't make them happy, and I am sure this will be deleted, but not until after I print it as proof that it existed. So, Amigo lighten up, and let us express ourselves in a way that simple print won't:whistling:. If one of these silly cartoon actually hurts someone's feeling. My suggestion is to grow up, and get a wee bit thicker skin. For goodness sakes it's the internet:flowers:.......:thumb::rolleyes::whistlin g::popcorn::deadhorsebeat::cheers:i2f.....lololololol

yardpro 23-11-2010 19:55

"lighten up Francis"...

i also thought that this was a joke...
i think that this whole PC, don't offend anyone at any time no matter how ridiculous they are being ideology is pretty lame.
now is that statement rude or hurtful?..nope.. I could have basically said the same thing with one eye rolling emoticon.

also i just looked through all the emoticons.. none of them are offensive.

the head banging on the wall for example....

can i not say that what someone said frustrates me?

the beating a dead horse.. when someone posts the catamaran vs. monohull question for the thousandth time and someone tells them that it has been posted a million times and they should use the search function... is this not the same thing?

bljones 23-11-2010 20:09

I2F, I think that maybe that was the cyber equivalent of death by cop.

Goin' out in a blaze of glory, though!

yippy kai yay, oedipus!

imagine2frolic 23-11-2010 20:14

I will never understand what people don't understand, or have fear of the truth. If the sjy is blue, than it's blue, but if it is dark, and stormy. Then it's just dark, and stormy. The truth shall set you free, and Gord has made a huge change from his previous direction which needs to be rspected, and admired:thumb::D.........i2f

Janet H 23-11-2010 20:17

This is an extremely interesting thread and the first time I've seen a proposal such as this. Gord I commend you on your thought about this, you have made some interesting and excellent points.

Internet communities are unique and to a large extent the posting culture and rules of Cruisers are as a result of community input. Cruisers has been shaped by member requests and habit. Personally I dislike an abundance of smilies - especially large or violent ones but I believe that judicious use of smilies can convey intent, humor and nuance in a way that simple written text generally cannot.

Over the years members have asked for more smilies and we have cautiously added a few and politely ignored requests for others. If you dig deeply enough you can find threads proposing the addition of various smilies. There are some interesting and unique ones that have been offered.

Smilie use can be an art form but just as in art, there are varying levels of appreciation and even identifying what is excellent and what is just noise can be a challenge. (think Graffiti vs. Frescoes and Murals) Nevertheless, I thank you for this excellent discussion; it's food for thought and an interesting lesson in how perception can change the intent of a post - even WITH the presence of a smilie (or three).

RTB 23-11-2010 20:17

Some of your best work, i2f! :cheers:

markpierce 23-11-2010 20:28

This discussion is largely silly. If the moderators find any emoticons or verbal language inappropriate, let them delete them. If there is a pattern, notify users of the specific symbols/verbage that's unacceptable, so we can conform with their wishes.

tager 23-11-2010 23:28

Come on, graffiti is more artistic than most murals. Think logistics.

BlueWaterSail 24-11-2010 00:46


Originally Posted by Janet H (Post 565173)
Smilie use can be an art form but just as in art, there are varying levels of appreciation and even identifying what is excellent and what is just noise can be a challenge.

So true. I don't use emoticons, and also take no offense in them being used. If a poster wants to flog a dead horse, or beat his head against a wall, they are welcome to go ahead.

Furthermore, I take the view that they are used (and interpreted) lightheartedly by the community, with any more serious verbal altercations unfolding in plain words, not little icons. And that too, is the way it should be. I see no benefit in banning emoticons.

Gord, thanks for starting what I see as essentially a humorous thread - the page count suggests other members would agree. Maybe we need and "off topic" forum, where it's not all about boat stuff.

Oh, BTW, let's not evolve this discussion to regulating sexy avatars like Janets - now that's art!


rgscpat 24-11-2010 02:15

The onset of winter must be a terrible thing in some parts of the world and to be without a boat as the long nights close in must be rather unpleasant. In January, I expect to be visiting the Arizona Yacht Club, with about seventy or eighty boats sailing to raise funds for medical charity in its Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta. Or, for even more sun to fight those shorter-days blues, go south to San Carlos, La Paz, Mazatlan, or Puerto Vallarta. Lots of gorgeous blue water. And the wind is truly free -- at least so long as people don't flog their sails dead. ;-)

PS -- I know that, seriously, emoticons can be mis-used, just as any other communication.

But, do you think maybe we could at least get those Somali pirates to restrain their use of hurtful emoticons so captives such as the Chandlers wouldn't have had to endure emoticon abuse? Also, I have friends who live in El Paso, Texas, next to Cuidad Juarez, where 28 000 people are reported to have died in the drug violence and gang warfare during the past several years. Do you think they might feel just that wee little bit better if the narco-terrorists would promise to limit their use of inappropriate emoticons and just stick with automatic weapons spewing high-velocity bullets (along with the occasional switchblade, guillotine cord, or baseball bat)?

...going back to visualizing whirled peas....

Blue Crab 24-11-2010 04:04


Originally Posted by BlueWaterSail (Post 565253)
Oh, BTW, let's not evolve this discussion to regulating sexy avatars like Janets - now that's art! BWS


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