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cliffdykes 23-11-2010 03:20

I find it amazing that this has generated 7 pages of comment in 12 hours.
Some people obviously have too much free time on their hands :D


aegean adrift 23-11-2010 03:36


Originally Posted by cliffdykes (Post 564695)
Some people obviously have too much free time on their hands :D

That's an invalidating statement, and posting a big grin doesn't make it any more conducive to civil exchange.

cliffdykes 23-11-2010 03:59

This is a sailing forum, not a semantics forum.


Caribsailors 23-11-2010 04:23

What's the temperature in Thunder Bay now?
Gord...Look south....take some time....... go cruising

sailorboy1 23-11-2010 04:25

so this guy sails into the harbor and :p (all happy after another safe passage)

a fun thread read, specially the posts where people post that others must have too much time on their hands to have posted on the thread

DoubleWhisky 23-11-2010 04:37

Banning the expression of thoughts and emotions is a censorship - nothing more.
I lived 35 years of my life in the country censoring everything - even the reading on the pack of matches was censored...
I hope You will never have such an experience in Your life, Gord.

David_Old_Jersey 23-11-2010 04:39


Originally Posted by Don Lucas (Post 564713)
a fun thread read, specially the posts where people post that others must have too much time on their hands to have posted on the thread

Methinks we need an Irony Smiley.

To cover that particular cross-cultural bridge that ends in a place north of Mexico. and south of Canada - no names :whistling:. The nearest I can find is.......... :rolleyes:

(Irony because it's written. Verbally it would be called taking the p#ss, including of self :thumb:)

Fortytwo 23-11-2010 05:03

Go get a boat.

GordMay 23-11-2010 05:21


Originally Posted by Fortytwo (Post 564728)
Go get a boat.

Would that I could.


Originally Posted by Tellie (Post 564571)
... sometimes even your friends have to put their arm around you and say "lighten up a bit bro, it ain't that important"



Originally Posted by Khagan1227 (Post 564631)
... While I respectfully disagree with Gord, he is a moderator and I'll follow whatever rules that exist for the forum.

It should be noted that I (Gord) am & have not been a Moderator for some considerable time.

High Heels 23-11-2010 05:27


Originally Posted by At sea (Post 564681)
Just for the record, the above quote (it seems) is the post which motivated Gord's OP for this thread. The post raised Trim50's ire and it got a bit testy. FWIW, my view is that the Joli post was offensive and the reaction understandable (although it'd be wiser to have ignored it). The headbanger emoticom should be reserved as a comment on one's own behaviour or actions.

I completely see where GordMay is coming from. I kind of think of Gord as a Demi-God of Cruisers Forum. He has contributed for a long time, and his posts are always informative, pertinent, accurate, helpful, and productive. So I think if he says the Emoticons go, then they should perish.

*I would miss those little buggers, though*

I think that the thread that the head banging :banghead: post appeared on that 'sea' is referring to, and which possibly prompted Gord's reaction, is one of a serious, and grave nature...and in light of the spirit of that thread the use of :banghead: in that way seems to somehow bring inappropriate brevity to that which cannot be summed up in a nutshell...

Couldn't let the thread die yet...and of course had to display the strong possibility of the use of run-on sentences if, in fact, the emoticons were banished :D

Burls 23-11-2010 05:28

If I can't use these emoticons, then I'll just have to type more words in order to say the same thing the emoticons were saying anyway......... :whistling:

RiverRat 23-11-2010 06:45


Originally Posted by hummingway (Post 564260)
I certainly agree with the spirit of your comment Gord but personally I find most of these useful in a different context. For instance the whistle can imply sly humour or an oops moment. I think they are examples of emoticons that are useful for self deprecation but unfortunate when used as an insult.

Agreed. I find them useful, but can certainly see where they could be mis-used.

Keep them. If someone wants to be rude, they'll find a way to be rude.

s/v Beth 23-11-2010 12:11

I love our CLOD. If he needs a boat, he can borrow my little one as long as he maintains it. But it is ice up there right now...if fact it is ice down here too, which may explain why I just read this thread from top to bottom :)

CharlieCobra 23-11-2010 13:50

The only time emoticons bug me is when someone uses the wrong one in the initial post of a thread, like the thumbs down when they are asking a simple question and not ranting or the rolleyes when posting about something cool. Some folks have no clue what the emoticons even mean... Regardless, I think they should stay, even if I rarely use them. They work real well in indicating sarcasm and preventing fights for the simple reason, ya can't read what someone is REALLY saying up here. No body language to read or smirk/smile to see.

Bash 23-11-2010 13:54


Originally Posted by s/v Beth (Post 564884)
I love our CLOD.

Amen. People have clicked his thank you button more times than any of the next ten of us.

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