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Therapy 22-11-2010 15:32

I think we need a lot more.


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This site has lots and they are great (for the most part).

That whole huge area of ones to choose from for a post reply is wasted space. Replace it with a slew of emoticons.

They also save writing a thousand words that I cannot articulate well enough to not be understood the way I meant it.

SurferShane 22-11-2010 15:37


Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 564249)
Politeness may be PC, but it can always stand upon itís own merits.
Our CF is noted for itís politeness, amongst other things.

There is a time and place for these emoticons? Like anything else it is up to the individual poster to use them appropriately?

sailorboy1 22-11-2010 15:37

Symbols or's all how they are used. If symbols are banned..................are words far behind!

avb3 22-11-2010 15:38


Originally Posted by zeehag (Post 564395)
flogging a dead horse used to be , where i grew up, BEATING a dead horse, what is profane about that?? some folks tend to do merely a descriptive phrase for saying the subject has been hashed over so many times we are tired of it. what is profane there?? nothing at all. isnt even about sex. lol

I know a few cowboys on some ranches who would describe this thread about as "useless as sucking farts out of a dead horse":deadhorsebeat:

I just about lost my coffee the first time I heard that one.

And no offense is intended towards anyone or their comments :flowers:

SurferShane 22-11-2010 15:41


Originally Posted by David_Old_Jersey (Post 564248)

Seriously folks this one is a bit of a work of art? I am happy to skip the cynicism and am just left wondering how he did that!

avb3 22-11-2010 15:50

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by SurferShane (Post 564404)
Seriously folks this one is a bit of a work of art? I am happy to skip the cynicism and am just left wondering how he did that!

Something like this I think:

Bluefuss 22-11-2010 15:54

I think you are floggin a dead horse on this one Gord.

Weyalan 22-11-2010 15:55

There is nothing profane about flogging / beating a dead horse per se, but using it as a counter to a person's argument is (a) weak argument, and (b) utterly subjective... one mans flogged dead horse is another man's valid additional point.

As for the profanity value of "assholishness", per se, I guess it just goes to show that some people draw the line in different places. I certainly would have thought that this particular phrase was sufficiently ingrained into common parlance to have lost any vestige of it's perceived offensiveness... but I guess you can colour me wrong. I shall, henceforth, refrain from using it unless I am actually trying to give offense.

boatman61 22-11-2010 15:56


Originally Posted by Bash (Post 564288)
GordMay's point that the emoticons can be used to insult is well taken. For some members the emoticons have become a mechanism to act out passive-aggressive behavior. This is typical in communities, especially families, where the honest expression of feelings is forbidden. For example, children in a family of alcoholic parents will often learn passive-aggressive behaviors, such as malicious compliance, in order to mask vindictive intent.

The careful observer will certainly see the same thing happening here on the forum. The emoticon becomes an acceptable way to gesture with the middle finger while technically not violating the be-nice rule. The rule is being complied with, and yet the compliance is malicious in terms of its intent. Happily, we only have a few members who misuse the emoticons this way. Sadly, one of those members has one of our highest posting-per-day rates.

I'm not certain that banning potentially insulting emoticons will solve the problem of malicious compliance with the be-nice rule. In place of the emoticons we'll end up with such abbreviations as LMFAO, or FFS, which often are employed at the service of the same sort of malicious intent. Honestly, I'd rather see the less articulate among us resort to the head-banger emoticon than mask their cursing via abbreviations.

No abbreviations here.... just.. Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
at a hilarious pseudo psychoanalytical interpretation of Emoticon use...
from a very narrow 'superior' view point.
As stated by a previous poster.. one is free to choose whether or not one uses them.. he does not, I do...
This does not mean one is the product of a home broken by alcoholic child abuse, social deprivation and a lack of education... or of a malicious and vindictive nature...
As a matter of fact your post contains more offense and snide superiority than all the emoticons together...
At the very least the person/s you are referring to place the offending object in a direct response to another persons post... and does not make general allusions that denigrate a fairly broad spectrum of users on CF.....
You've had a lot of new members who've joined after 'lurking' for quite a while because they've found the site amusing, informative and friendly....
If.. as is claimed, Emoticon use is 'abusive'... do you honestly think they'd be joining.. or are they more of the 'Socially/Educationally Deprived' being attracted by the likes of :banghead:

bljones 22-11-2010 15:57

Personally, i have no problem with profanity. Sometimes it is the only way to accurately describe an emotion, situation or predicament

perchance 22-11-2010 16:07

Hey did the ancient Egyptians invent emoticons?

TaoJones 22-11-2010 16:23


Originally Posted by David_Old_Jersey (Post 564337)
I love everyone on

And I include the odd nit-pickers. and those humourlessly challenged.

Yeah, I love everyone. and I don't need emoticons to say that. me being in touch with my inner play nice child and everything.

You drag it around like a ball and chain
You wallow in the guilt; you wallow in the pain
You wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown
Got your mind in the gutter, bringin’ everybody down
Complain about the present and blame it on the past
I’d like to find your inner child and kick it’s little ass

Get over it
Get over it
All this bitchin’ and moanin’ and pitchin’ a fit
Get over it, get over it

From "Get Over It" by The Eagles


IdoraKeeper 22-11-2010 16:25

I am a little slow sometimes
Uhh You Guys? I think it's getting a little dark and dreary in Thunderbay and this Gord's way of telling us that he would like a discussion on tidal precession or celestial navigation as it relates to classic French literature. He may feel that we are not using the dark days of fall to better ourselves.

He is having us on and Bash is in on it with him. I am chastened. I will lay off DOJ's goat and stop auccusing boatman of hoarding "racnas". Perhaps even a trip down to see Charlie Cobra to get my hands dirty at some honest work is in order. I am sure he could then put up a good post on the imposibility of teaching me to spiel a plank.


Wand 22-11-2010 16:25


Originally Posted by GordMay (Post 564249)
Politeness may be PC, but it can always stand upon itís own merits.
Our CF is noted for itís politeness, amongst other things.

Well, I think that all posts displaying inappropriate application of the apostrophe should be removed from the site forthwith. So sorry gord, but the two strikes above would count you out. :whistling::D

Bash 22-11-2010 16:32


Originally Posted by IdoraKeeper (Post 564443)

He is having us on and Bash is in on it with him. I am chastened.


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