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delmarrey 21-08-2003 18:19

How to get under a low bridge!
See the link below........

CSY Man 21-08-2003 19:46

Jeeez, what a collection of pictures.

That tug-boat captain was probably pooping his pants for a few days thereafter, then turned steady church-goer...:D

OldYachtie 28-11-2007 20:41

Sombody's lucky day!
Yow, that could have killed a few people! Somebody's luck was IN![/quote]

Kanani 01-12-2007 18:38

Don't try that with a sailboat!!!!:D

Seriously though. That crew should get a medal. That vessel was totally submerged at one point. Obviously the crew was quick enough to seal her up before she rolled but having enough balls to keep it together and get the vessel under way is pretty remarkable. That's gotta be one hell of a skipper.

I wonder how long the skipper had to hold his breath......

Seeratlas 01-12-2007 18:55

My understanding is that it is a relatively common procedure for tugs to push the barges up near, and steer em so they go under then run around and collect em below. This guy misjudged the current and couldn't get away from the bridge. If I remember right the entirety of fault was attributed to the captain, however it turned out ok (cept for tug damage) as another tug already downstream recovered the barge and the captain seen in the video eventually caught up, got it back and continued on, tho with some damage to his ship. Can't remember where I read the story but believe there were a number of eye witnesses besides the guy who took the video.

In any event, I figure it was a 15 plus on the *pucker* meter :)


senormechanico 01-12-2007 20:36

It's TRUE.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Towboat Goes Under Bridge

Full story:


Steve B.

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