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gs41escapade 08-09-2010 14:06

Folding / Feathering Props - Worth it ?
I've thought about a Max-prop or similar for a couple of years. Just bent one blade and chewed up another on my fixed 3B prop by hitting an undetected submerged *something*.

So given that I have to do a repair, want some practical advice. For those of you who have replaced a fixed blade prop with a Max-prop, etc. -- was it worth it? Would you do it again? What was the real-world sailing performance gain? What was the real-world motoring loss (if any)?


djmarchand 08-09-2010 15:13

I have had three sailboats with feathering props. There is little forward motoring loss with the Maxprop and a lot of reverse gain. Reports indicate that sailing performance is improved by about 1/2 knot. More with a high performance cruiser, less with a heavy full keel boat.


svcambria 08-09-2010 17:20

I went with a Hydrlign (Australian) feathering prop - similar to a Max prop - and been very happy with it. In reverse it feels like the boat could pull tree stumps; under sail it allows about a ten percent improvement in speed. I can't say how it compares to a fixed blade prop in motoring - I changed motors at the same time I changed to the feathering prop... but the advertisement is the blades can be made bigger for motoring and then fold back with low cross section when sailing.


gettinthere 08-09-2010 17:27

PYI (Maxprop) will be very forthright in telling you what to expect with your boat. Call them.
On mine, they told me I would gain about 10% to 15% under sail. If I remember correctly, they said I would loose about 5% under power. Sorry I don't remember for sure bit there is some small loss under power.

hugosalt 08-09-2010 18:36

Over the last 3- 4 years or so since installing my Flex o fold 2 bladed prop...I have enjoyed increased speed under sail(call
it 10% or 1/2 knot or so...). both forward and reverse under
power much better, I did increase prop size 1". Another
benefit is that it seems I am sailing under very light air,
where prior to install I might be under power in similiar conditions.

gs41escapade 09-09-2010 05:10

Thanks for the input. That's what I needed. Sounds like its essentially all upside, except for the 'boat-bucks' required.

capbillh 28-09-2010 16:14

Q, if you have not bought one yet, I say go for it! I have a Kiwiprop and see a gain ~1/2-3/4 knot under sail and a loss of <1kt under power, now 7+ vs. 8. But the biggest plus was half the weather helm when a puff hits or steady state wind.
The cost is fractional compared to the maxi-prop due to not geared.

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