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phorvati 22-07-2006 11:39

Anodized aluminum mast maintenance
I am in the process of inspecting my rig. I have a lot of the hardware like halyard exit sheaves, and rigging out. I was wondering if something should be done with anodized aluminum mast. Is there a polishing or buffing compound that I can apply to anodized aluminum that protects it from damage and oxidation.
I am using lanocote on spreader tips, and tefgel on machine screws into aluminum.
Lanocote is well reccomended but it leaves a greasy film which attracts dirt so I wouldnt apply it the entire length of the mast.


Alan Wheeler 22-07-2006 13:43

No you don't touch the anodising, especially with anything abrasive. The anodising is a very thin protective layer, that if it is scratched or removed in anyway, it will start corroding. Any protective coating you can apply in say a wax form, will not last long enough to be of any benifit. The only other coating I know of other than anodising is a product called Nyalic. But you would start with a clean ali extrusion and coat with the stuff. It's not an easy after application to be done on a standing rigg, it requires special prep work.

Strygaldwir 22-07-2006 15:21

You should get oxidation if you scratch the anodized coating. Fortunately, it is aluminum underneath and the surface oxidation will protect the mast from cooroding away. Galvanic coorosion is another story!

But, either re-anodizing or powder-coating are the "recommended" methods of dealing with anodized coating wear. I definately would look at the Nyalic, it may be an alternative.


hellosailor 25-07-2006 13:21

Petar, you can WAX it with a non-abrasive wax to add some protection to it, but anodizing is a very hard thin coat that normally needs no maintenance. When it starts to look shabby you can send it out for re-anodizing (if you find a shop that has a dip tank long enough for your mast) or you can have it painted, i.e. Imron or AwlGrip, neither of which will last like the anodizing did, but about as durable a finish as you get from cans.

Sunspot Baby 26-07-2006 04:24

If your anodize coating is scratched exposing bare aluminum, there is something you can do besides just let nature and aluminum’s natural self protecting actions take their course. Alodine is simple two step process that provides excellent corrosion protection. It is non-anodic protective coating. Alodine {aka Iridite, aka Chromate Conversion} is a microscopic thin film commonly prescribed on aluminum to:
  • Provide surface prep for paint
  • Aid in Corrosion Resistance
  • Impose desired Electrical 'Resistance' characteristics. Because of its dielectric properties, it even assists in reducing galvanic corrosion.

hellosailor 26-07-2006 09:41

"3. Alodine is decorative.
Alodine has a light gold to dark gold appearance depending on your individual preferences."

Might be unsightly on black/bronze anodized rigs.<G>

Sunspot Baby 27-07-2006 05:27

If you drill a hole to mount a step or something, it won’t be visible.

If you get a scratch from a halyard shackle or other minor mishap it will be a relatively small area and when viewed from a few feet away, probably won’t be noticeable.

Anything that has bared the aluminum enough to need treating is likely to be at least as unsightly as the chromate and at least you have done something.


cat man do 21-09-2006 20:59

Hi , have rigger mates in Australia who use a clear product called Techtyl for alluminium, Used it in my own rig and it's best wiped on with a rag and is easily touched up every couple of tears. looks similar to anodised if mast sanded in one direction wiyh wet and dry sand paper around 240 grit and then acid wash and then techtyl 3 to 4 coats is good.

Have fun

catsailor 13-01-2009 20:32

Aluminium coating

I have bust the mast on my catamaran. The rigger has proposed Tectyl and Nyalic as alternatives to painting or anodising the mast. I am interested in your experiences with Tectyl - how is it holding up?

danrochas 16-02-2014 10:32

Re: Anodized aluminum mast maintenance
This could be a dumb question but all the same... Why do I need to anodize a aluminum mast if I can leave a aluminum hull bare? Are the aluminum extrusions used to make the mast not marine grade? Why would there be more corrosion on the mast then everywhere else in the hull? Or is it "necessary" just because we want a white mast?

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