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otherthan 16-08-2010 13:58

Requirements for Cruising Documents ?
hope I am asking this in the right forum?

I want to know if I need a pasport to sail my boat from montreal to the bahamas?
if not what documents do I need?

MarkJ 16-08-2010 14:05

Yes you can go without a passport. Provided Canada owns the Bahamas.


otherthan 16-08-2010 14:15

I have never heard this before, your pulling my leg right?

Drew13440 16-08-2010 14:33

Half the things he tells you, he's pulling your leg. The other half, he's pulling your other leg.

VirtualVagabond 16-08-2010 14:47


Originally Posted by Drew13440 (Post 503530)
Half the things he tells you, he's pulling your leg. The other half, he's pulling your other leg.

.... but his 3rd half is the important one... you've got to take that one seriously:popcorn:

Pau Hana Daz 16-08-2010 14:51


Originally Posted by MarkJ (Post 503514)
Provided Canada owns the Bahamas. :)

Which in fact they do not. Therefore, while everything Mark says is true (in this thread so far anyway :whistling: ). You probably do need a passport.


s/v Breakaway 16-08-2010 14:55

And you need to checkout at Customs and Immigration from your last country visited and take that paperwork to the country you want to enter. See the noonsite website for country-specific requirements.

dlockhart 16-08-2010 16:34

You need a passport to travel through US waters and to enter the Bahamas. You also have to get a US cruising permit and inform customs and immigration of your movements and any deviation from your intended landfalls while in US waters. You need to sigh into the Bahamas and pay $300.00 usd for their year long permit which includes a fishing license.
As a fellow Canadian I can tell you that the pristine waters and the general seclusion of most of the islands there is well worth it.

Healer52 16-08-2010 16:39 is your friend.

You will need passports for all, registration (Federal Canadian is better than provincial since whoever you are checked in by may have never seen a Quebec registration document, and most likely doesn't speak French), radio licenses (station and operator), etc.

They may not actually check but you're a whole lot better off having them than not.

Bash 16-08-2010 16:50

It seems to fit a pattern:
* American Samoa
* British Virgin Islands
* French Polynesia
* Canadian Bahamas

sarafina 16-08-2010 17:37

I think the point is you can sail anywhere your boat and your skills will take you. But you can only tie up where you have the right paperwork, and that changes depending on where you are. The good news is that as a Canadian you are high on the list of desirable guests and visa/entry requirements should be reasonable.

Drew13440 16-08-2010 18:26

Kidding aside, I can't speak to Bahamian requirements, but the U.S. I know something about. There are a couple of options for you that are acceptable besides a Canadian passport, but they've all got ominous names, like "NEXUS." It is unfortunate that we can't run around our hemisphere with drivers' licenses like we used to, but it is what it is.

A Canadian passport will give almost any customs official the warm and fuzzies. Make your life easy and get one. Worry about other stuff instead, there's plenty.

otherthan 16-08-2010 21:42

we get so many deferent stories, and pepoles telling them will look you in the eyes and push there belifs on you, as if they really think its the honets truth.

one guy said to me at the marina, hey I go every winter and all I have is my drivers licence, been doing it for years never a problem, trust me just pack the boat and leave just dont go the usa coastal way.

sins I have not yet aplyed for a pasport I was very happy to hear that I dont need one. I could leave now that I have a seawarthy boat, in fact I have the hitches real bad and fall is coming fast, looks like an other winter in the snow, daang!!

Dick Pluta 17-08-2010 00:57

I am a US citizen who has spent the last ten winters in the Bahamas. This is bit of a special case that warrants further research. The Bahamas and Canada are both part of the British Commonwealth. The flight from Nassau to London, for example, is a domestic flight. I think it follows that, if you go right to the Bahamas from Canada you might not need a passport. The real question is are you ready to spend a month at sea to avoid landing in the US?

If you touch the US the story changes. Your friend might have been able to come to the US with a driving licence before, but that was then and this is now. The new TSA rules require a passport to come to the US from Canada

As a US citizen, when I take my boat from the US to the Bahamas, I need my passport and ships papers. I have taken both state registered boats and documented boats over. You might not need the passport. Ships papers are mandatory. Everything else said applies. Cruising permit for one year $150 if you are under 35 feet. Over that $300 for the same. Cash only. Renewable for an additional year for $600. They really don't want you to stay.

Dick Pluta

Lodesman 17-08-2010 05:13

Bahamas has a Consulate in Toronto and a High Commission in Ottawa; they also have a website. Good news is you don't require a visa for stays less than 30 days; bad news you need a passport. Bahamas Visa, Canada: Application for Bahamian Visa for Canadians.

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