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J Ventura 09-08-2010 19:26

If one of the most common reason cited for going cruising is the will to Explore and Discover , why is it that everyone seems to have this need to stock up on Guide books and spend endless months on research?
Is it still Exploring and Discovering if you already know what you are going to find and see?

Healer52 09-08-2010 19:36

Since I've never found a guidebook that was even just mostly accurate, I'd say so.

muskoka 09-08-2010 19:43

Well for myself, I really don't want to discover the laundry and fuel dock, etc. I want to pick up my pilot guide and head straight for it.

That leaves more time to discover the esoteric aspects of travel like finding good food, beautiful spaces!

Pa La O La 22-08-2010 14:28

Well another thought might be to know enough in advance to keep the boat off the land and in weather that won’t beat the living tar out of you. It makes it a lot easier if you get somewhere in one piece and prepared to leave the same way. You know if you sail out to far you will fall off the earth!

Pelagic 22-08-2010 14:34

I like to believe that most people are out there exploring and discovering ... "themselves"

osirissail 24-08-2010 06:31


Originally Posted by Pelagic (Post 507094)
I like to believe that most people are out there exploring and discovering ... "themselves"

I find that statement probably the most true definition of what folks new to cruising are actually doing. The psychological shift from the bureaucratically protected "womb to tomb" lifestyle into one where you personally are responsible for your life or death is a major "exploration" of self and "discovering" whether such a lifestyle is feasible for the new cruisers.

SimonV 24-08-2010 07:13

I like to arm myself with any and every pilot and guide for an area I plan to be in. I dont want to damage my boat or endanger my partner. There are not many if any places within the island groups that have not been explored. So some one else has been there, if a new strip club opens do you just man up and go in or do you ask your friends about it first. Now if you are the explorer type then what are you doing here gleening information.

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