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sailingmonica 27-07-2010 12:59

one more thing...
Three catamarans and only one monohull?

NYCSavage 27-07-2010 13:00

I couldnt find my link to the site so looked in my history for Cruisers Forum, when I clicked on it I thought "thats not the forum I'm a member of" and started looking elsewhere for another Cruisers Forum link. 10 minutes later, it dawned on me that I had in fact found the correct forum and the layout had changed! That's bad that it took me 10 mins to realise as I am a web designer by trade!!!

Good skin though, I like it :)

jonasaberg 27-07-2010 13:36

For me all posts are in bold, it seems it has forgotten which threads I have read, will take a while double-clicking away to get rid of all the "bolds"....:whistling:

I also think the contrast is a bit on the low side...may change my mind after some use....

trinescape 27-07-2010 13:45

Wow my first thought was where the hell am i ! it took a few seconds to realize what was going on ,to be honest i thought that i opened a different page but its growing on me i am sure that all the grumblings will fade away keep up the good work cheers Andy

Serenity_ 27-07-2010 13:47

I typed in the URL 3 times thinking I screwed up and some jerk made a similar forum with a minor domain change before I realized it was changed.

Will gladly give my .02 cents when I cruise the forum for a few days :)

fbchristo 27-07-2010 13:49

I thought I had gone to the wrong place. It's not nice to screw with old people, but it is growing on me

Hudson Force 27-07-2010 15:30

Ask Tara Lapinsky! A roller skater can put on ice skates and do fine with just a few laps around the rink. 'easy to adapt.....and a good survival skill! Take care and joy, Aythya crew

roger.waite 27-07-2010 15:59

Nice transformation ... now I need to transform myself
Content is as good as ever, and the layout works well. Really like using the side panel, so I don't have to keep jumping back to the 'portal' page to jump into a new thread.

A few cosmetics preferences & functions for you to play with, but a good job. :thumb:

My mind just has to reboot, so it gets in synch with new ways of doing the same business! :cool:

Adax 27-07-2010 17:00

Nice transformation
I like the new lay out of the site, but do agree with others that the colourscheme is not my favourite.Too "businesslike" for my liking.
More smilies...... please :thumb:

Zednotzee 27-07-2010 17:51

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 18025

'nuff said.

Bimini Babe 27-07-2010 22:41

Oh hush up all you old whingers. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes difficult too, but you'll soon get used to it. Personally I hated the old look of the forum - as a newbie it struck me as a pretty amateurish design for such a popular global forum. The new look is much more fitting. :)

One 'ideal world' request though (which I know won't be possible...) but the ads ABOVE the content really annoy me - why can't the ads run down the side of the page? It's so frustrating, especially when the content begins to load so you can see it, and then it jumps down a good few inches as the ads load! Grr!

s/v 'Faith' 27-07-2010 22:54

Can you make a skin that will allow the prior look for those of us who do not care for the change>?

WebSurfer3000 28-07-2010 00:23

Ooops I thought I hacked by mistake in a different forum!!!

Doodles 28-07-2010 03:24

Noticed the poster's information on the left of your post only shows Name, Location, Date Joined, Number Posts .... no "Boat" anymore? What's up with that? That was useful information at times.

Pete7 28-07-2010 03:55

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Hmm, this just happened twice, cancelling it allows continued access to CF though.

This is via the works firewall etc rather than my own pc.


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