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Stillraining 27-07-2010 07:44

Well I don't participate for the look of the page but rather its if we loose some that will be a shame.

Not a faded turquoise guy myself either though...I think a vote would be good on color...The Deep Blue was very soothing to me.

rwidman 27-07-2010 07:50


Originally Posted by Andy R (Post 492241)
You can always turn off the right hand column. See post #1 in this thread for directions on how to do that. As for the number of posts in the recent threads, I will look into adding an option to allow you to do that.


thedudeistoocool 27-07-2010 07:55

As a perpetual lurker I LOVE IT ! The color, maybe not so much, but it isn't so harsh as to be unpleasant either.

Well done admins.

fishwife 27-07-2010 07:56

I'm not keen on the color scheme but other than that, I'll find my way around as usual. I'm glad the right hand column was optional, I really disliked that.


Stillraining 27-07-2010 08:06

Thanks Fishwife I did the same now as well.

Hey!...I just went into my user CP...I use to have 4621 points and 10,854 praises and fan mail...Most of them are all gone now...What happened??? ..I want them back as I read them every morning and every night before bed....twice!

Auspicious 27-07-2010 08:23

Glad to be able to turn off the right column. Too big and not very useful. Fine since I can turn it off.

I do have a wide-screen monitor but I have other things going on on the screen, so don't assume that you "get" the whole screen space.

David_Old_Jersey 27-07-2010 08:23


Originally Posted by Andy R (Post 492228)
The software did not change. All the buttons and all the functions and features are in the same place.

Minor technicality.


I am not sure what banner you are talking about?
The top picture with 3 Cats and a normal boat.

On the colour thing - haven't explored the options yet, but I can see how those not quite so in tune with their feminine sides (or the 21st century period? :rolleyes:) could feel insecure with pastels :p

dacust 27-07-2010 08:26

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Andy R (Post 492241)
Same thing on this skin. Threads in bold have new posts, those which are not bold have been read.

I can tell which have unread posts by the little arrow, but there is no difference in bold/nobold on my screen. (See attachment)

I also don't like the color that much, but no biggie.

But I LOVE the wide layout. Much, much better.

I'll get used to the other changes in an hour or two of browsing.

Andy R 27-07-2010 08:36


Originally Posted by David_Old_Jersey (Post 492267)
The top picture with 3 Cats and a normal boat.

Ahhh, the header image. We have some exciting plans for that. Once we get settled and all the bugs/issues fixed we are planning to ask members to contribute their photos and vote on the best ones for the header. Basically we want to change the panoramic photo using member provided photos to keep things looking fresh.

I was told that if you could get the ladies someplace the men would follow! I figured if we had all the lady sailors here the men wouldn't notice the turquoise color, their eyes would be fixed looking further down and not up where it's important (just kidding of course). I will experiment with some other colors and see if we can refine the palate to based on your feedback.

DarkBlue 27-07-2010 09:13

well, I like it!
Hey, I like this new look a lot!
The look, the organization and the clean aspect of all the site. I even like this new color!
Thank you.

cdennyb 27-07-2010 09:13

I think this small cross section of comments is pretty plain. People in general dont like change. I know... the guys here at work in the IT dept like to change and tweak things I guess to justify their positions and paychecks but honestly, if it works, don't fix it.
I'm a little alienated by the new look and will no doubt NOT frequent the site as much, (probably a good thing for some out there.) so, do what you want... there's other sites out there that havent changed their layout.

YOGAO 27-07-2010 09:31

UGH! Hate it!

The look is bad for me. The ability to increase the text size using a mac works differently.

I liked having the option.

Fair Winds,

Sailmonkey 27-07-2010 09:35

I don't like the colors much, there's not enough contrast for me. But I'll keep using the site none the less.

TaoJones 27-07-2010 09:44

I access the web via my MacBook running the latest version of Snow Leopard, Mike, and I think I can relate to what you're reporting about text size. Command + increases the text size in steps with each push of the + key, but it won't "stick." That is, when I refresh the page I have increased the text size on, or go to another page, it defaults to a size that is more than a little bit difficult for my old eyes to see. It's annoying to have to constantly do Command / + to re-size the text.

There is also the option with Snow Leopard to Control / scroll to zoom the display image - really a nice, fast way to gain more detail. I've come to rely on it more that Command / + to resize.


Olorin 27-07-2010 09:47

To quote that great philosopher Shrek, "Change is good, Donkey".

I like the colours, I like the layout, I appreciate the effort that went into the changes.

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