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phboujon 08-07-2010 11:53

Looking for a Dry Storage Marina in Florida (East)

I am purchasing a 38 ft sailboat (5ft draft), and I will need to store it on the dry until April 2011 of next year. I will then move to Florida (from the West Coast) and work on the boat before departing for a sabbatical. The boat is currently in Miami.

I have been looking at numerous marinas in the east coast of Florida, and have read numerous posts on these forums but I wanted to post to get some fresh information.

Below are marinas that I have contacted, and their rates for 38 ft.

Marina Name~ Distance from MiamiStorage Fees/MonthFees/Haul + LaunchWebsiteCommentsEast FloridaCape Marina, Cape Canaveral220304506 Behind locks, in a canal, no particular hurricane planHarbortown, Cape Canaveral220304601 down boats to ground with hurricane anchors; not in canal/riverWestland Marina, Cape Canaveral 220418471 locks, tie down boats to ground, ground is shell crushed (better than sandy)Riverside Marina, Ft. Pierce140250363 Tie down boats to concrete blocks; not in canal/riverHarbortown, Ft Pierce140323618 Yard is 1$/ft/day storageCracker Boy Boat Works, Ft Pierce 1401140450 not do long term storage - DIY yard onlyIndiantown Marina110265530https://www.Indiantownmarina.comBehind locks, tie boats to the ground with helix anchors, in shallow canal/river

What I am looking for is:
- A marina that offers a dry storage and safe from hurricane/storms. Some marina actually take steps to better protect the boats (tie down). Some don't.
- Not too difficult to bring the boat from Miami over a weekend (as I can't take numerous days of vacation).
- Not too expensive, i.e. no more than $325/month to store the boat.
- Offer DIY boatyard & ok with liveaboard once I move there, refit the boat and move on it. It's a nice to have though, right now, safety for the boat is #1.

I'd like to hear your feedback / experience with the marinas above? I was initially thinking of Indiantown marina, but access is not easy, and it might be difficult to get the boat there in the shallow waters of the river over a weekend only. I also thought of Riverside Marina in Ft. Pierce, but the surveyor mentionned their fresh water is full of rust, and cannot be used to wash the boat, or any boat project involving fresh water.

Thanks for your opinions.


Drew13440 08-07-2010 12:11

If it's going to sit for a year, it may be worth it to go inland and look for an RV storage facility. It will likely be way cheaper and safer from storms to boot. When you're ready to get to work, move it back to the water.

Vasco 08-07-2010 12:36

Just a few points. Don't know if they're important to you but thought you might want to know.

Cape Marina is not "behind locks". It is open to the ocean hurricane surge if this concerns you. Harbortown, Cape Canaveral is up the cut to the ICW and protected by a lock.

Of the marinas you've listed I think Indiantown would be your best bet. Your draft would not be a problem to get to Indiantown. Access to Indiantown is not that complicated.

Drew's idea of storage in a RV site is good if the cost offsets the trucking cost.

A weekend to get to the marina and haul the boat and put her to bed might be a bit unrealistic even if you are paying a yard to do everything. I would not rely on a yard to do everything as you will not know if the job was done properly until a year later and it will be too late. Again don't set your heart on doing it in a weekend. Just getting up to Cape Canaveral from Miami will take a day and a half, weather permitting.

imagine2frolic 08-07-2010 14:17

The infamous Greem Cove Springs area........i2f

Vasco 08-07-2010 14:24

OP apparently doesn't want anything further north than Titusville.

phboujon 09-07-2010 09:19

Thanks for the replies, and correcting me on the info I have about the listed marinas!

I thought of the RV storage, but I calculated that it would not be that much cheaper when including the trucking costs (plus, honestly it's scary to put a boat on a truck). I also prefer the boat to be in a marina dry storage, as I would hope marina people have better knowledge if I need something done while I am away.

I realize a weekend will be tough, and I will be able to stay longer once the boat is there, but for moving the boat, the friends helping me will only be able to stay over the weekend.

I looked at Green Cove Marina, but they told me they were full, and had a waiting list of a few months. Plus, it would indeed take more than 2 days to move the boat there.

Thanks again. If anyone has any other opinions, I more than welcome them.


Vasco 09-07-2010 09:54

If you're open to going further north, Tiger Point Marina and Boatyard in Fernandina Beach is an excellent spot. The boats are put in very substantial cradles, not jackstands and are in a secure fenced compound. The folks there are very accommodating.

AnchorageGuy 09-07-2010 10:04

I would also recommend Tiger Point Marina. If you are insured, some insurance companies will give you a discount on hurricane season based on their unique storage system.

CastOff 09-07-2010 10:39

I have kept boats in Cape marina, and been 'up the river' to Indiantown marina; as well as having lived in that general area for 5 years previously. I would keep my boat at Cape marina again for a number of reasons.

First, it's easy access to get to from outside sailing up from Miami should be enjoyable with the right forecast IME.

Second, they know how to secure a vessel for storage; and do take preventive measures should a hurricane threathen the area.

Third, there are enough 'active' boat owners in the yard at all hours to make it a fairly theft proof marina to leave your boat in the yard. Someone would notice a ladder against a 'storage hull' and report it to the office right away. That is if they did not go investigate themselves.

When you are ready to return to your boat full time, you will find many knowledgable cruisers in Cape marina that are friendly and helpful IME.

Indiantown marina is 'off the beaten path' IME. It was'nt my cup of tea...

phboujon 09-07-2010 13:11

Hi CastOff,

Can you expand why Indiantown wasn't what you'd like? I am hearing different views where some people like it, but because it's so inland, I have my reservations.


countrybimm 17-07-2010 14:29

indiantown is where our boat is.good people, and workyard for 25bucks a day, with water and hydro.i actually liked taking the boat up the canal as it pumped fresh water through the the water jackets for six? hours straight...pricing seemed competive, but as this was our first year, dont take my word for it.we had a hole drilled in our bilge for water drainage while we were back in canada and the skipper said he got hosed for it.but if your a DIY guy as i am, i like it.i truely didnt find the canal trip to get there to be much of a bear.the only lock was a breeze....

countrybimm 17-07-2010 14:31

oh, we have a draft of five feet, and didnt come close to grounding at all in the canal, even with a suprise donut when i was trying to take picks from the dinghy and the new crew member got "disorientated" hahahah

phboujon 24-08-2010 08:25

Thanks all for your replies. I ended up moving the boat higher up north, to Virginia, but I appreciated the information.


imagine2frolic 24-08-2010 10:41

If you want to pull your mast? You can try Reynolds Park Yacht Center in GCSs. This is the safest area in the hurricane zone. That's why the mothball fleet was there......i2f

Kindle 25-08-2010 06:26

I see that your post says that you wanted to do some work on your own boat. Please verify, but I don't think Harbortown will let you do any work for yourself. Cape Marina is a do-it-yourself marina that has many liveaboards and other owners doing refits. They have seperate pricing for their "inactive storage" and "active storage". I can only say very nice things about their yard and services. (I have been hauled out there several times over the last 10 years) Also, if you will be traveling from the west coast and back, Cape marina is a straight shot from the Orlando Airport and there are plenty of marine services in the immediate area. I can't advise on the other marinas on your list, but if you do chose the Cape Canaveral area PM me and I will try to help you with any local knowledge you need. Where ever you end up-good luck with the new boat and the refit!

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