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Bob Norson 10-06-2006 18:13

Percy Island TV cover piss poor
The coverage on Australian channel 7 into the controversy of the island was a day later than we were informed and very dissappointing. Ugly yellow journolism that did very little to address the issue of ownership of the lease but made yachties look like hell. The focus was on how the current owner and his mates on the island are pot smoking dole bludgers. Who cares?! I knew that years ago but didn't report it as it is a matter of personality where as the legal arguement is where the action is. The family of the former owner have a law suit in place that appears to have real merit and it is a shame that wasn't the topic. The suit contends that the currrent owner, Mick Cotter, used undo influence over an aged man suffering from dementia, to sell him the lease of a 1000 acre island paradise for $10! The story is a wierd and incredable one with larger than life characters on all sides of it. for more see


Talbot 11-06-2006 10:43

They obviously chose the easy course, where they think they can make a "story" as opposed to investigating the real facts!

Bob Norson 11-06-2006 12:39

You got that right. Australian media has always been a bit on the sensational side but I think it has gotten worse. The young crowd in the media don't even seem to know anything else.


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