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osirissail 11-05-2010 21:53

"Dangerous" is a relative term. The number of incidents per cruising boat is very small but where in the past you never heard about them unless you talk to the people directly, now there are websites for cruisers that keep track of confirmed incidents and more websites that pass on the second hand reports. For instance there were two attempted dinghy thefts in the last few days here in Grenada which were foiled by the boater owners themselves when they noticed the thief in something he shouldn't have been in - and other than a recounting the incidents on the morning net that was a far as the report went.
- - Whether numerically there are more or less is unknown and like all statistics is subject to assumptions.
- - There is a definite "perceived" increase in theft and attacks over the last 6 years I have been active in the eastern Caribbean just as they has been a real significant increase in population of young people on the various islands coupled with a significant decrease in fly-in tourism due to the world financial collapse a short while ago. The annual cruiser fleet is also significantly smaller this year.
- - So the eastern Caribbean is NOT dangerous unless you cruise naively and take no simple precautions. The simple "lock it or lose it" is more valid today as it was valid in the last few years.
- - Your home town when you were young was probably marked by doors left unlocked, cars with keys in them or still running for a dash into the convenience store - all without any problems. Would you do that today? Probably not, and the same while cruising. Simple precautions of locking up the boat, not leaving valuables laying on deck while you go ashore, using chain or cable to securely lock the dinghy and to lock the motor to the dinghy are all important.
- - The only "new" item for this year is to not wander away from the "herd" of cruising boats to find that "deserted" bay or cove. Now it is best to stay in the "herd" when anchored. Local boat boys, guides and shore businesses are acutely aware of the potential serious loss of customers if their little section of the bay gets a bad name due to thefts or attacks. Some are being pro-active in "protecting their revenue stream" from bad guys. And some islanders are taking serious steps to make sure that bad guys are not capable of repeating themselves and threatening the livelihood of local businesses. That is very encouraging.
Bottom line - just take more care and apply more thought to "securing" what you have while in "paradise." And then you will most likely have a continuous great time in the islands.
- - That "wandering away from the herd" is what is at question with the Toucarie Bay jetty. If you are the only boat there and obviously not a local - and - there is nobody to provide a modicum of security from ashore then you are really sticking you "butt" out there asking to get bitten.
- - Sadly to say, where in the past there were some islands with great records of perceived low crime, that is now past and each island has its share of reported incidents. So vigilence is warranted at all the places you chose to stop. If you take the time to review the confirmed reports on the database at the Caribbean Safety and Security Net website you will easily see specific bays and islands that have higher numbers of incidents. Of the windward/leeward island groups current St Vincent is at the top of the list to avoid. Some charter boat companies in the Grenadines do not allow their boats to travel north of the Grenadines.

tbodine88 08-08-2012 13:06

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
I guess it didn't happen , currently Google shows no jetty.

I sure did like the jetty in Deshais, to tie up to the first time I went there.

But then you could check in at Deshais, if the immigration desk was manned.


Rhian 08-08-2012 14:58

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
Guess things have changed in 2 years as we spent a very happy and safe few days in Roseau and Portsmouth and look forward to visiting again. The security patrols in both bays and the attitude of all the 'boat boys' were excellent. The Sunday night BBQ on the beach at Portsmouth to raise money for the patrols is not to be missed. Well done!

For us, security and the safety of our boat (against swell on the dock or unsafe mooring buoys for instance) are paramount.

osirissail 08-08-2012 16:29

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica

Originally Posted by tbodine88 (Post 1008200)
. . . But then you could check in at Deshais, if the immigration desk was manned.

Huh? Did something change? Deshaies, Guadeloupe has not had an "immigration desk" for a long time - the French Islands have been using the D-I-Y Check-in/out computer system for a few years now where you process yourself in and out. Last time I heard it was in one of the tourist shops along the waterfront.

Teknav 08-08-2012 21:32

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
Dominica is still undeveloped and its crime rate is high. Susan's suggestions are right on the money. Dominica, for the time being, is worth visiting during the day ONLY. I'd rather anchor in the Grenadines; St. Vincent to Grenada.
Think of offering water, gas, clean bathrooms/showers, a store that sells fresh fruits and vegetables right by the dock, an ATM, laundry facilities and a Pizzeria (Chicago style - wink). All of these amenities will make your place very busy - but ONLY during the day. With time, and with improved security the word will get around then you will get noticed.
Good luck!

Tom Stormcrowe 14-08-2012 05:07

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
Discount for forum members? :p

Hold sail ins? As to facilities, it's well covered through the thread already.

YACHT TARENTELA 17-08-2012 05:07

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
When we visited Dominica and anchored in Prince Rupert Bay this past winter we heard nothing about a new yacht jetty or anchorage to the north. Our entire 2 week stay was enjoyed to the fullest. The new Fisheries dock makes a great dinghy dock! Prince Rupert Bay is well protected from the weather. The holding is good. The Boat Boys helpfull. Water is cheap. Portsmouth is small but has lots to offer cruisers. Teknav, you are wrong in your assertation Dominica is unsafe and only good for day anchorage. Go back and see for yourself. I plan to stop for a while again this winter.

Jerry Woodward 20-08-2012 13:01

"Dominica as safe as any other Caribbean Island"
From Noonsite:

Although there have been reports of boardings and theft from yachts here (predominantly in Roseau), Dominica is as safe as any other Caribbean island and, if basic precautions are taken, one's stay can be both satisfying and enjoyable.
Based on reports to noonsite from cruisers, petty theft from yachts is on the rise in the Caribbean in general. Cruisers should take basic safety precautions and use common sense when leaving the boat or going ashore at night. Dinghy thieves operate throughout the Caribbean and best advice is to place your dinghy on deck and chain it overnight.

osirissail 20-08-2012 23:10

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
Good advice and I would add that a new "wrinkle" has developed and that is to be sure to anchor "in the pack" of other visiting cruisers and not off in a corner of the bay/cove by yourself. If there are no other cruisers anchored in a place, it is possible that the reason is that it is dangerous to be there alone.

svBeBe 20-08-2012 23:38

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica
We anchored in Prince Rupert Bay in 2006 and 2007, many days each time. Never had any problems whatsoever with boat boys. Never approached by anyone except Martin. Martin came out to greet us upon arrival, then left us alone. We asked him to return the following day and arrange a river tour. No other people approached our boat while anchored there. There were no more security issues in Dominica than in other Caribbean islands; far less than St. Vincent area. We look forward to returning to Dominica in a few years as it was one of our favorite places in the Caribbean.

If there were a dock/jetty I am not sure that we would use it. Docking stern-to with our anchor out is not an issue. Being docked right on shore without electricity is the issue for us. I do not want to be docked without electricity. I would prefer to pay for the electricity and would not use a free dock without electricity. Close to shore means more mosquitoes. If there is no shore power so we can operate the air conditioners, then I would prefer to be anchored as far out in the bay as safely feasible. Just my 2 cents, YMMV.


svBeBe 21-08-2012 00:01

Re: Ideas for Our New Yacht Jetty in Dominica

Originally Posted by tbodine88 (Post 1008200)
I guess it didn't happen , currently Google shows no jetty.

I guess not...Google Earth Sat photo is March 8, 2005.

Google Earth is not real time, yet.


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