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pas63 26-04-2010 10:43

Standard Horizon Matrix GX2100
I recently purchased the new standard horizon Matrix VHF with AIS receiver. I spent several days installing the radio, running a new antenna cable up the mast, and interfacing the radio with my Raymarine E-80. Firing everything up yielded instant GPS lock on the radio, and showed my position as it should have. Going out and checking the E-80 however yielded a ďno AISĒ indicator. Opening the status screen for NMEA showed data sent, but nothing received.

I placed a call to Standard horizon and spoke with one of their technicians. He stated that you need two nmea ports on the GPS or a multiplexor. Unfortunately, they donít tell you this anywhere in their literature. Everything boldly states that itís a two way connection. Standardís attitude seemed to be ďhey we didnít write the standard, donít blame usĒ, followed by a comment that they canít research everyone out there for compatibility. The final comment was, hey, itís doing what it should, provide AIS, and GPS position.

In Summary, keeping with the format of this forum
  • What does the product promise?
  • A VHF radio with a built in AIS receiver that can interface with a chart plotter

* How well does it achieve those goals?

VHF seems to be great at this point.
AIS reception also seems to be working well
Receipt of GPS from the chart plotter is also working well.
What is not working is to send AIS data to the chart plotter without an additional piece of equipment.

* Is it a good value?

No, for the cost, I could have purchased a standard VHF and a Raymarine AIS receiver for less that the cost of the Matrix. Not only that, there would have been less hassle interfacing them all together.

For Technical Support (7AM Ė 5PM PST ) or Customer Service call (800)767-2450 between 8AM Ė 5PM PST

phantomracer 15-11-2010 08:52

The SH 2100 AIS output is lower than standard.

Found this out when I used the SH2100 through a multiplexer and it did not show up on the GPS.

The mux (brookhouse) customer support (which is awesome, just email, but prompt and very helpful) said to put a pull up resistor in the setup to bring more voltage to the SH2100's output for the mux and gps to see it.

Not sure how you would do it in your situation, but it sounds like the same problem. I quoted their reply to my problem below. Maybe go back to SH with this info

The brookhouse multiplexer is pretty awesome if you are trying to mix NMEA, NMEA HS, seatalk.


Originally Posted by Brookhouse
Standard Horizon recommends our multiplexer for chart plotters with a single NMEA port.
They have sent us a GX2100 for testing and we found out that the AIS output signal is rather weak. It is fine to drive a non opto-isolated port, but NMEA compliant opto-isolated port like the mux has, is difficult to drive at 38400baud. We have found an easy solution for this problem, that has been implemented successfully by a number of mux/GX2100 users: Connect a 1K (1000Ohms) "pull-up" resistor between NMEA IN 4 A (combined with brown GX2100 wire) and the +12V terminal on the mux. Slide some heatshrink over the resistor to avoid shorting with other connections. This should resolve the problem.
A 1K resistor can be bought from Radioshack or from an electronics repair shop for a few cents.

phantomracer 15-11-2010 08:59

My review of the SH 2100 is great. Awesome (once I got it working in my post above).

The AIS works very well. Can see the targets on the unit, or on the chart plotter.

Radio is very clear, loud, huge display, lots of information when hooked to gps plotter.

nice features with the DSC. Built in fog horn is a nice touch when hooked up with a hailer speaker. PA feature when hooked up with the speaker.

But with SH having a lower output on the AIS port, it can be troublesome to get it to work. But once you get over that hump, it is pretty awesome.

One huge downside. You can only program the MMSI number ONCE. If you sell the radio, or if the next owner wants his own MMSI #, or you enter it wrong by accident when setting it up, it MUST go back to the factory to be reset.

jackiepitts 15-11-2010 08:59

It works perfectly for our application but we are not trying to interface with a just a stand alone AIS with a separate GPS antenna is does the job.

phantomracer 15-11-2010 09:07

yup. also need to point out this is a ais receiver.. does not transmit your ais info to other boats...which is fine with me.

cuthbert 15-11-2010 09:51

I have one of these, I bought it so that I could set the AIS proximity alarm when single handing and get a warning of a possible conflict.

Easy to install, connected a cheap garmin handheld to it, programmed the DSC, no problems.

Have noticed the alarm will activate once per day on average telling me there is something within 1 mile/ 2 mile etc......when as far as the eye can see is the vast and empty sea.

I have the RAM mike and like the lat/long and SOG being available at the wheel (no chart plotter on my boat) Mrs Cuthbert likes having the DSC button on the back of the RAM mike so that if I took an inadvertant swim she could summon the shallow water navy without an extended channel 16 conversation.

Good product, would recommend it but not rely on it as a means of collision avoidance.

phantomracer 15-11-2010 10:08

havent quite figured out the alarm either.. but there might be a boat that will be a collision risk for a moment that may trigger it. I have it set off, and have an alarm on the plotter that is easier to configure

Forgot it also has a weather alert alarm. One day the 2100 was screaming!!..took a moment to figure out there was a severe weather alert in our area. Pretty neat.

wwhamp 27-11-2011 08:50

Re: Standard Horizon Matrix GX2100
Hi All

Has anyone tried to connect a Bu-355 or 353 to the GX-2100 ?

Dustymc 27-11-2011 09:15

Re: Standard Horizon Matrix GX2100
I had to change a baud setting on my (Garmin) chartplotter. Installation/interface was insanely simple. SH provides idiot-proof product-specific installation guides (Welcome to - click "files"). I tied a couple wires together, mashed a (virtual) button or two on my chartplotter, and magic happened.

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