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cfpcfpcfp 11-04-2010 17:57

MaxSea Locks Out GPS when Computer Goes into Standby
MaxSea locks out GPS when computer goes into standby

When PC restarts GPS position is not present and does not come back until the PC is rebooted.

Options appear to be
1. do not allow PC to go into standby. Not a great option on a long passage.
2. close MAxSea after each use. Again, not very practical.

Anyone got any ideas on this. I used to use nobeltec which did not let PC go into standby whilst the programme was running. I was able to deal with this, but didn't like the continuous power drain.


brak 11-04-2010 18:37

this is very likely not so much MaxSea as a GPS driver issue. Are you using a USB GPS by any chance?
In any case, either with USB or with real serial port it may be the case with some drivers that the device needs to be "closed and restarted" after computer goes to sleep. Since the navigation program does not know computer went to sleep (nothing really does) it can't (or won't) do that resulting in no data on a serial port.
On the one hand it may be worth playing with port settings (in case it is a driver issue) though I would suspect that won't help.
On the other, you may have more success replacing true "sleep" with a different power saving mode - i.e. let computer turn off display and shut down hard drives, but do not put it into actual sleep mode.

cfpcfpcfp 23-05-2010 07:03

Data coming in but not being displayed
Further to last post:
The GPS locks up when the laptop is not in standby, or even screensaver.

I have found in the 'check data' tab of the 'utilities' menu, that there is GPS data arriving at MaxSea, and that under the 'Data Display' tab that the data is be resolved correctly into Lat/Long. Its the next bit that is not happening right. The GPS data is not being shown on the map at all, my little boat symbol is static.

The GPS can be brought back to life by restarting MaxSea, or changing the COM port to something else, and back again, which seems to reset the device.

Any ideas?

brak 23-05-2010 10:35

A bug in MaxSea handling of GPS data methinks. You may want to contact them and let them know (even if you are not a licensed user - they should be interested in fixing any potential problems)

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