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jean1146 04-05-2006 06:09

Original FP Mahe 36 Thread
[EDIT: Added April 6, 2010] This is the first post in what was to become one of the longest threads ever at Cruisers Forum. It would grow to 1229 posts over a span of almost four years.

That created problems, however, and the CF site staff decided in the spring of 2010 to close the thread in favor of splitting its wealth of informative posts into more user-friendly, tighter threads devoted to much narrower subjects. It wasn't easy and it wasn't fast, but the final result has exceeded our highest hopes.

This copy of the Original Thread, from first post to closing post, will remain at the top of the list of Fountaine Pajot threads as a read-only reference source and as an unbroken historic document to maintain the continuity that some readers prefer.

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I just was wondering if they are any menbers on this forum who have ordered the new FP mahe 36'.it would be interesting to exchange thoughts about the boat.

db8us 09-05-2006 12:53

since no one answered so far.
In my marina one guy ordered a Mahé but has not yet got it.
Most likely it will be in the berth next to my Lagoon380S2.
So then i will know more and i will ask him to post informations.

In June there is an event in France, where one could testsail the Mahe and other FP Cats.


jean1146 09-05-2006 13:16

Thanks Michael.I leave in Florida but will be going to France in June to look at my boat.I will poast some picture as soon as I have some.

mark 08-06-2006 19:47

Hi Jean,

I am debating between the Mahe 36, and the Jaguar 36, although the advertised price of 199,000 on the Mahe makes it look very attractive, eventhough almost everything is additional. I would like to know why you decided on the Mahe, and I hope you have a good trip in France, and I hope you will have only good things to report..
Thank you,

jean1146 09-06-2006 04:58

Hi Mark. I did look at the Jaguar,but for me the price tag was a big deal.I think by the time I get done,it is going to run around 250k,that is with AC,generator,and eletronics....I will post more pictures when I get back from France.Thank you.

Intentional Drifter 09-06-2006 07:44

Mark --

You may not know, but the Jaguar 36 is a slightly larger version of the Wildcat 35. There have been various comments about the quality of these boats. See this year's Boat of the Year comments in Cruising World on the Jaguar (the boat they sent for judging was poorly assembled and showed signs of delamination). For an owner's perspective on the Wildcat, see


Scott730 23-06-2006 11:28

I have a Mahe 36 on order as well, however, I will not be getting mine until April 2007. Would love to see your pictures and now how you are outfitting her. Are you doing much of the outfitting here in the states?

mark 08-07-2006 10:21

Hi Jean.
At this time I hope you have returned from France safely and had an enjoyable trip. This coming week I am planning to put a deposit on Mahe 36 with a delivery date of august 2007.I would like to hear about your impression of the boat. What did you see? What did you think. I am awaiting pictures. After seeing the boat did you have any concerns or suggestions as to what additions the boat may require.
Thanks again,

jean1146 17-07-2006 07:53

Hello guys. Just got back from France.I saw the first Mahe in the water,they were still doing see trials.I have to say that I am impressed by the boat.The living space is oustanding ,craftmanship looked pretty good.It is a very sleek boat,with very nice water line,should be fast.I will post some pictures as soon as I have time.Most of the added stuff will be installed here in the states,they are trying to figure out what to do to cover the cockpit,and I don,t like it,so I will also have this done here,lots of space in the bathroom,but bare minimum....lots of light inside.if you need to know something specific,don't hesitate to ask me.JC.

Scott730 17-07-2006 08:57

Would like to know more about the Bimini, what don't you like that they are trying to do? I have a Bimini option ordered for my Mahe, so I'm very interested in your thoughts.
Also, FP has updated thier web site with new pictures of the first Mahe. Check it out if you haven't already.


jean1146 17-07-2006 10:57 looks like the bimini is going to be mounted flush with the top of the salon,which means that in order to be standing at the helm you are going to need some kind of an opening,I don't like the idea,I would prefer something higher,so you can be protected from the sun or rain when at the helm.Now this is not sure yet,I will talk to them again,I think we can do a better job here in Florida.I have the name and email of the guy in Larochelle if you want to talk to him.JC.

Scott730 17-07-2006 11:30

I would be interested in what you find out and who you are talking to at FP. I don't like having to stick my head out of a cutout in the bimini either. Did you purchase your boat through a florida dealer? I did, and so far he has been very responsive to getting me as much info as he can, I'll give him a call and see what he has on this issue. Anything else stick out at you, that you may not like or are thinking of changing or retro fitting here in Florida?
When do you expect to get your boat?



jean1146 17-07-2006 12:07

Scott. I bought my boat from Willmarusa in Ft far it has been pretty good.the name of their representative in France is Stephane Williamson,I think he is an owner in the company,he stays overthere and makes sure everything is done far I haven't seen anything I don't like about the boat,the AC and generator will be insyalled here,and also the electronic.I saw a boat right out of the mold,very impressive.they were very helpfull in showing me everything at the plant.JC.

Scott730 17-07-2006 12:45

Thanks, sent you an email. Let me know if you got it.


mark 17-07-2006 16:24

hi Jean and Scott,
I am glad to know I will know future Mahe owners here in Florida. I also ordered the boat from Willmarusa. I found that they were very nice and helpful. Jean, did you order the electronic package from Willmarusa, and it will be installed here, or are you going to purchase it once it gets here? The problem with the bimini surprises me, because you would think that they would have designed it better.
Thanks for the heads up on the boat. It makes me even more sure that the decision to buy this particular boat was the right one. Anything else do you think is important to add to the boat which you may have realised, after actually seeing the boat.
Thanks mark

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